Coffee and You - Thoughts about shoes. Singing to the trees.

2년 전

I begin this entry with a blatant lie. I did not come here to talk to you about shoes. Although, I guess I could make something up. What could I say about shoes?

Yeah, I can't think of anything. The lie stands alone. But it rhymed with YOU. There's something.

I will share my new instagram page with you. I am not sharing the link anywhere else.. just here. You're my favorite "audience" of all time.

Again, that is another lie. My favorite audience of all time was But the blockchain bystanders are a pretty impressive second place.

Whoops, unintentional lie... I forgot about myspace. That site brought me back from the painfully slow death of What is that, you say?


Here's a seriously hi-resolution (sarcasm inserted here) screenshot of my profile page during the later days of the site. This was probably just before it switched to a "new" The one that still stands today, and the one to which I will not share a link, because it's a stupid waste of time to visit it now.

See the number of plays? My claim to "fame".. ha ha. My YouTube channel became nearly as popular later on, and then I foolishly and accidentally deleted the whole thing.

Now I'm an assumed "nobody" again. I'd say a legit nobody, but I really am somebody, no matter what others may say.

I forgot my dang point and I don't want to read back upwards. Let's just move on. Mmmkay? I begin to feel like I'm bragging, and I'm not. I'm just reflecting.

This post will get 3 downvotes, that's my prediction. They've been slowly adding up. I am not sure what I did to become a target, but probably I said something somewhere that was too much of a serena-thought .. thrown outward into the world without even so much as a teaspoon filled with drops of thought.

I think I said I would share my instagram link. It's @serenamatthewsmusic. No one will go investigate that unless I make it into an actual hyperlink, though. So, here you go.

And a screenshot, for proof.

Feel free to link to your on IG page in the comments. I've only had this account since the beginning of this week. It's a long story how I came about ditching my other one. Ditching is the wrong word. I will still visit it now and then, but it's not fun anymore over there. The link is @serenamatthews if you're curious. I don't know why you would be, but stranger things have happened.

Maybe I should delete all of this crap and write a poem or share a song. Those posts gather more readers than my long-winded thoughts and reflections.So, yeah. This probably is my most boring post, right here today.

I can't think of anything I might do to perk it up. I would talk about my week as a lunch lady, but it was a boring week. A new girl started, and she does what I say. So, winning. It's like I have an assistant since I'm training her.

I just fell asleep while typing this. Maybe I should go make some coffee. I meant to make it an hour ago.

Okay, bye. I'll try to post something more interesting later.

I guess I could leave a song. Here's one that I sang to the trees and the moon. It's only 42 seconds, and quite silly.

[Later edit: I forgot to add the link... adding it now]

Here's a better one. It's not mine. I'd never sound this professional. I do wish that I could. I just don't have the proper motivation to follow through with it, and when I do have the motivation, I'm too afraid to take the steps.

Life of Serena.

This song below touched me this week, one night when I was especially melancholy. Here's a songbird who flew away from this world already, much too soon. Sad when they're taken, but everything is for a reason, yes?

Sometimes that feels like a blatant lie we tell ourselves to make our own hearts feel comforted on a higher level. Who really knows for sure? I sometimes claim it's me. I sometimes think I know everything. And that's a blatant lie my brain tells me.

Enjoy. And I apologize for all the lies. Such is life.

And another song as well, because it's brilliant.

bye now.
Love forever,


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Life is but a lie. And there's no lie in that.

I wish I had something brilliant and witty to say to this, but often enough, my brain doesn't work that way.
I hope your weekend goes well!


I always love everything you say to me, Amber. You've been supportive of me for almost a year now. BIG HUGS and thank you. ♥♥♥


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@torico! You are too good to me!! hahahaha..Thank you! Big love to you!!

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