Some graveyard thoughts and pictures, complete with subtitles.

2년 전


That's how we say hi in Tennessee sometimes. Some of us anyway. Sounds fake but it's real. There are plenty of things that seem fake in Tennessee, to outsiders.. but they are real. I'd go into a list but I don't want to. I do wear shoes to town, though.

Note that I am adding subtitles again. (A secondary title of explanation for what is about to come, not to be confused with closed-caption subtitles in a movie or something.) Subtitles make me feel more professional even though I'm not very professional as an outside-online person. I am the least professional person you might ever meet, by the way. My Southern accent makes it even worse. You might as well have found me in the back of a barn somewhere, shucking corn in a flannel nightgown.

My 2nd Steemiversary.

Got my notification that it has been 2 years now that I've been on Steemit. Yes, i know it's not ALL called Steemit. But it's what I first originally thought, and it's a hard habit to break to call it just STEEM everywhere. I do it when talking to other people but here I am in my own space, and the blockchain for me is STEEMIT. So, sorry too all the perfectionists. I am enjoying my time in the proverbial sea here.

That sounded moody.

But I suppose I am always moody. We are ALL always moody because otherwise we have no mood at all. You're moody. The world is moody. The world has gone mad. It already was mad, though. I don't have a point, I guess.

Life in the closet

I'm kinda lonely today but not really in the mood to talk to anyone, either. So I guess I'm just like a boat out of water or something. I'm like a tree with too many leaves in the summertime. I don't want to lose my leaves but I don't want them either.

Late night house walks

I wake up late at night and wander around my home thinking about stuff sometimes. I mostly dont get on the computer when that happens. I just eventually sit in a chair in the living room and get lost even farther into my mind. Last night I slept all night because I took a sleeping pill. Sometimes it's just the only way I can sleep. If you don't sleep for a long time, you will eventually drop dead. I AM NOT READY TO DIE. Oh, and speaking of dead people..

Morningtime in the graveyard.

image0 3.jpg

I walked around in an old cemetery with my daughter this morning. Took some pictures. In our opinion it's no different than visiting a historical museum. Except, as my daughter phrased it while we were walking around, "there are just way more dead people in cemeteries." And then I went all creepy and said, "That we know of." As if museums are filled with more dead people than graveyards. Well. Who knows? Do you bring a shovel to museums and dig under the floors to see whose bones might by lying there? I thought not.

Sometimes, there are raccoons.

image0 (4).jpg

Sometimes, there are facts.

Sometimes, there are guardians.

image0 (2).jpg

Above these words sits a statue of a woman. She sits above Martha. Martha died in 1884. She was 14 years old. For over a century this pretty angel has watched over her. Next Tuesday is the anniversary of her death, actually. I just noticed that. I wonder if she hears me wondering about her.

Do you ever wonder that?

You're walking around the cemetery.. do they know you're there or are they busy with other afterlifely things? I guess one day we all will find out. I like to think they're there. Here.

I like to think that Elliott Smith knows how much I love his music. There were times when I would talk to him, in the past on bad nights. I would play "Between the Bars" every night, a specific video on YouTube. In the beginning he says, "Bars, 3." I would share it here but then I'd be watching it too many times again.

I guess I should go.

A message through a stranger

Here's a video I found on youtube that made me cry. It's from someone I don't know who is named April and who is covering my song, "Staircase." But, get was uploaded it on my Grandad's birthday, which is also in April. I find that coincidence to be not one. My Grandad was very creative and tech savvy as well. Of course he would say hello to me this way. Signs from Beyond are everywhere.


I love you, dear April, my messenger stranger angel with the beautiful voice.

And, now, I will go.

Goodbye to anyone who might read this now or in the future after I am dead and long gone from this unbearable, beautiful, horrifying and magnificently rewarding world.

Farewell.. goodnight.. good morning. Good luck.

Love always,
♥- serena

p.s. I am writing a lot already this week. The reason is that I am off work for the week, because it is Fall break here. No work because no school. So I have time to write.

Also, here is a color picture, because life has color, and so does this picture, even though it represents death. Here is poetry in motion, standing still.

All photography ©2019 s.matthews /@paintingangels.

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Okay. I love so many things about this post I don't know where to begin. I will make a list, otherwise I will ramble.

  • Howdy is a perfectly acceptable greeting in my world.
  • We are indeed all moody. You made me laugh with that one.
  • Yes, it's a mad, mad world.
  • Sleep is important. Also, nice segue way into pictures of the cemetery. ;)
  • There's something peaceful and contemplative about cemeteries. I've always been interested in headstones and statues you find there, and remember doing more than one photo shoot in cemeteries when I was a teen.
  • You're a cool mom.
  • How amazing that someone is covering your music!!! Wow! That's gotta feel good!
  • Yay for writing!!!

Writing is what I'm doing. I got distracted by your wonderful post. So glad I did! ;)


Ohh, Katrina .. thank you! I was wondering why I had more comments than usual this morning. Sweet angel at work. HUGS! And rare that anyone has put so much detail into a comment on one of my posts, and that's definitely the first time anyone used a bullet list. You made my day. LOVE YOU! ♥♥♥


You're most welcome. :) I couldn't believe you'd written such a wonderful post and mine was the only comment, and on your Steemiversary as well! Anyway, wanted to make sure you know that you're loved. You're amazing and appreciated. Huge hugs and I'm so glad I made your day!

Katrina Ariel Pimped your post from Teh Alliance Discord.


Thank you for taking the time to comment. Hugs to you! ♥


Was more highlighting that Katrina liked your post. Also a hint at the alliance server is there if you have room for one more. Pure selfishness on my behalf to try make myself feel good.

They should have someone polish up those statues with a brush.

For wondering of others and if they can hear you. Maybe you only ask thoe things of yourself, when you hear them.

This was a post full of beautiful words and I love your pictures 😍
Happy steem anniversary 🎉🌹😉
That is a really Great achivement and worth celebrating. I think we all have amazing and crazy stories to tell about our time here... Lol
That song is soo beautiful and it must feel incredleble to hear that your music is appriciated and moves hearts ❤️

Cemeteries is both scary and fascinating to me 😜lol
You can really find beauty in that place with beautiful statues, Stones, writing, history.
But I also get sad.. I look at the year and sometimes you come across a young Child... Always gets me. But I love your pictures alot and you really captured the beauty in that place.

This post made me teary and Touched but most of all made me smile 😁
Thank you for sharing and I wish you a wonderful weekend. Cheers! 🌹

Howdy hun! Grats on the achievement sweets! Hard to believe you're in the same state as me and we've never met. I don't always wear shoes.


Ah ha ha, thanks... Shoes are overrated, like normalcy.

Hi Serena, I really enjoyed your post, especially the reflections on Martha. A few years ago when I was recovering from chemo, I got in the habit of walking in the nearby graveyard at lunchtime to get some exercise. I often would stop and read the markers and think about the lives of those resting there. Many of them over 100 years old. The one that always made me pause was a gravestone in the shape of a smurf, marking the grave of child.