Maldives, the Second Heaven.

3년 전

When I was a kid, I learned about HEAVEN and HELL. And In my mind, Heaven looked somewhat like this---
Turns out there is a place in real life that looks like the exact image of heaven I had in mind.
It's called- THE MALDIVES.
And is the closest to heaven I have ever known.
It is a country made up of 1000 Islands floating on the ocean surrounded by fine sands that feel like snow.
And beautiful resorts that leave you speechless. With incredible FOOD, WEATHER and INFINITY POOLS.
On these islandss the water is as clear as it gets, and the breakfast comes floating on it if you are staying in a resort.
All of this is in the middle of nowhere near THE EQUATOR.
Once you visit the Maldives you will wanna become a better person just so you can go to HEAVEN for a second time.
That's Maldives.... See you tomorrow.

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Image courtesy- Google.

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It really means a lot mate, Thank you. and m following you.

Your blog make everyone to feel the beauty of maldives.


Thanks mate, glad that you felt it.

Hmm, maybe I should go there


Ya if you wanna enjoy heaven while you are alive

Great post brother


Thanks mate, keep supporting

nice writing bro


Thanks mate.

really amazing bro. i loved it


Glad that you loved it.

Really, so they have all these places there? A cool place to be indeed.


Really, so they have
All these places there? A cool
Place to be indeed.

                 - kwabeedat

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Yes all these places

@panikuvirat fantastic place bro. Nice post. Keep Supporting brother


Always mate. Thanks

Lovely article. I feel your feeling whatever you want to say .


yes maam, you are correct.

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Ok one 100% upvote for the same then.

Love there beaches


Yup really

Maldives is one of the best place to chill in this summer.


Yup, you should visit.

@pankuvirat nice article my friend


Glad that you liked it.

Perfect place to be recommended for travelers.


That's true.

very beautiful writing i want to go there sometime


Sure mate it is really beautiful.