Lockdown creating havoc in our country!



How are they to survive and feed their families now under lockdown?

** More than a million jobs on the line because of Covid-19 lockdown: economist**
"More than a million South Africans can expect to become jobless over the next few months as a result of the deep recession that is expected to slash economic growth by between 5% – 6%".

Have you ever gone to bed with an empty stomach?
Imagine how a little child must feel when they have to sleep hungry.
The situation in our country is bad, so bad that people are fighting for food parcels. The fear of death by starvation is more prominent than the fear of death by the Covid virus.
Things are not going to get better by the sounds of research and I think that it is the same across the world.


Scratching in rubbish bins to collect plastic objects for recycling earns them a meagre income, but now they are in lockdown with no income.
These are not criminals and they are ordinary fathers and mother like you and me. Not only that, but there are millions of others that are suffering.

As charities we are at the forefront in the battle and we desperately need all of the support that we can get to meet with the storms.
Life is not too bad for most of us as we have clothes to wear, food in our fridges and a roof over our heads.
We have electricity and can have a hot bath, or shower whenever we feel like it.
The people that I am talking about have nothing like this, NOTHING!
Their biggest worry is to feed their children.

So how are we as a charity going to fight this?
I can guarantee you that we stand ready to fight it with all that we've got!


"Economist Mike Schussler added that he had calculated that if the lockdown was extended by another 10 days, about 1.6 million jobs would be lost in the formal sector by the end of the second quarter".

We are in an unprecedented situation that has never existed before, as the collar and tie guys are also losing their jobs. Destruction faces so many after all of the years that they have worked and they now stand to lose everything. Yes indeed it's a dire situation.

But that's what we do! We help people at the wrong end of the scale.
Just so do many other charities and we all do this with the support of our sponsors.
Papillon has a few worthy souls that sponsor us here, but it's not enough to help us increase our impact.
Think about it!

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