Still alive


A big hug to my favorite community!
Although I haven't been active anywhere else but in some discords the last months, I'm writing this to assure you that I'm still around!
Figured it might be time for a short report about life on and off steem.

We are still traveling. We've been on the road for more than a year now, with several interruptions due to car and family issues. Right now we are in Germany, on the way north - hoping to reach Finland this summer, and to return to the Mediterranean after. Stopped making plans though, as these rarely worked out so far.
The car is finally finished and the issue was found and solved. Got it painted recently, including some subtle advertisement for steem. The idea is that I can tell people about the platform without me starting the conversation :D will see if that works out, if nobody asks it's still a nice design element.


Regarding my current view on the state of steem:
After it became clear that stinc won't significantly fund the foundation I quit the internal/secret discussion rooms, and didn't look back since. Of course I've still been following the public information about developments during the last months, and while I'm far from impressed I'm at least not less hopeful for the (long term) future than before.
First off: MIRA is a great advancement!
The SPS could help attracting more development, although I'm not happy about the proposed funding mechanism. Together with the EIP (does that "I" really stand for improvement? Bold naming choice for a change that basically takes us back to where we've been in the beginning) it will imo cut into rewards of small accounts way too much. Pressing the two through in a single hardfork looks a lot like there was nothing learned from previous lessons. At least there's a testnet this time.
I acknowledge the communications improvements of stinc, although there's a lot of room on the upside, especially when it comes to taking community feedback.

When it comes to community developments, I'm happy to see steem engine having pushed stinc to focus on SMT again, but in my view a 2nd layer consensus mechanism won't significantly help in reaching new projects.
And while I'd still like to see bid bots disappearing for good, I'm quite happy about the success ocdb had in taking delegations away from the bloodsuckers. If anyone still delegates to another bot I urge you for the sake of the platform as well as your own to move it over.

Another hot topic right now is VOICE of course. Not for me though - a KYC'd social network is far from being a competition for STEEM in my view. But I'm also one of those people who have always avoided Facebook as much as possible, so I might be dead wrong about that. However it turns out, I still won't touch it.

Finally, if anyone thought about having a drink at SF4, I'm sorry to say that we won't be there. Sucks to end the streak, but the drive would be too far (and kinda dangerous too).
But if you're ever in Europe and see this car on the road, in a forest or at a lake, definitely come by and grab a beer or a whiskey!


This post has gotten a lot longer than expected already, so I'll end of with a quick plug for steeminvite - make some new steemians.
And have a great summer!

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  ·  작년

It's nicer to read from you, @pharesim, than thinking you are disappeared. Thanks for your message. You got a nice bus and I keep my eyes open. Maybe we will have a whiskey or two, one day.

Nice logo placement, subtle yet engaging. If you come to Croatia there will be plenty of all sorts of drinks going around :)

Cute Dog, Beautiful and functional car, great journeys you are doing @pharesim be always safe. :D

Thanks for your insights about what's going on in steem. I am using #palnet as well, what is your view on

I also do not like 50/50 author-curator split is is too much.


Didn't have a closer look at it yet (although I claimed and staked my airdrop tokens). But new interfaces are always great!

I will start heating the sauna :D


If that's necessary, looks like it'll be hot enough outside. Got a pool? :P


There is a lovely lake beach, it'll do the job. @smallsteps can teach you how to "almost" catch fish with bare hands.

Nice post color :)

I’m hoping to see that pimped out van in Finland by the end of the summer! 😁


Yes please! I'll do my best to make it there!

  ·  작년

Car looks fine af! <3

Hope you enjoy Finland, maybe @apsu can bring you over some fresh baked bread and I hope for your sake it won't be as hot there this summer as the last one was (was the first time I had to buy a fan).

PS. Try to post more through your travels, but you're right this one was a bit long I barely made it through awake. :p

  ·  작년

Stopping by in Latvia on the way to or back from Finland? We got lake and forest and the best beer. Will be home after 21st of July, so let me know ;)


Both directions probably :D
Nice to hear that you'll be there, it nothing comes in the way we'll see us there!

  ·  작년

Yeee! It's been forever and two decades :) Really hope to see you guys!

Car's lookin good!

Darn, I missed out on you guys last May! Sorry, it was exam week for me.
TC you both and hugs to Juka!

Glad to hear you are still trucking along. Just missed ya, I was just in Germany for two weeks got back to the States on the 11th. Safe travels!

Hey there, great to see you posting again @pharesim. Welcome back.

Glad to hear you are still out there! keep safe my friend!

Nice to see you pop your head up😃

Subtle Steem-work :) Enjoy the summer!


We definitely will! Thank you :)

Keep on rocking in the free world!
The Van roof is just amazing! :)

Anyways, nice view on things to come.

Be safe and thread slowly. :)


Thamk you! Going slowly for sure, safety above all.
The roof is even better when it's opened in the front too, transforms from a bedroom to a balcony. Here's a photo from the company, too dark for a photo (and too many mosquitoes outside to open it) by now.

saludos a los tres!

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Muchas gracias!

Happy to hear you are still around. Safe travels and the van looks great. The Steem logo fits in quite well and looks like it should have been there all the time.


Thank you!
The company which modified the van usually puts their own logo in that place, but I have never liked walking/driving around with advertisements on me. All black would've been weird too I figured, so putting a steem logo on my SteemLambo was the natural choice.

… life is good …

Cool detailing on the car! Love the doggie model too. ^_^
I hope you are enjoying your travels and your car troubles are over!


Thank you! Hope so too, looking good so far.

waoo is great, I love the Volkwagen trucks I have one that I am restoring and modifying, it is not camper but I modified it for a food truck. I'm from Venezuela, it's hard to get things here, I leave you a link if you want to know about it, good luck and God will accompany you along the way.

I knew this publication thanks to @acydyo the reesteem.


What a beauty! I love the old ones, but for our purpose I decided a new one would be more suited. And your engine fire shows why. That's actually the second one I hear of in a short time.
Hope you made some progress with fixing it already - what a pity!

As I'm my own personal God, I'll always be accompanied. At least until dementia strikes. Thanks for the good wishes anyway ;)


I go little by little with its repair, in Venezuela it is not easy to have 500 dollars to repair the car, the priority is food and education of children. your choice of a modern volkwagen camper is right.

  ·  작년

I'm so sorry to hear about your SF4 absence.

(I really just typed in url for @jukatravels and then yours just to see who are you guys doing and how/if you will be able to get to SF4)

See you someday somewhere in Europe I guess.

Hugs to Juka!

  ·  작년

Coincidentally, yesterday my friend was also talking about a red car. I also thought the red Steem logo is cool.

Resteemed this article. Thank you for supporting Steem community.

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look at her all grown up +pet from me to juka.

Have a lovely summer.

Glad to hear you're alright! If you find yourself on the other side of the pond, definitely let me know.

Enjoy your travel, I share your concerns about the hardfork and the bullrun is off.

No matter what changes are made, no one knpws we are here and alive, so not much hope either way.

Anyway, gld you are well and happy travels.

  ·  작년

Great ride ! I'm very sad to hear you won't be there at the next sf, but if you end up in france pm me to meet ! :D


Next year maybe XD has less mosquitoes than Finland.
Safe travels !


If it'd be at the end of the month I'd buy tickets right away, but who could've known when the date was set. We're slower than expected, again ;)
Still hoping to make it though!

  ·  작년

AWESOME to see a proof of life post :D VERy cool VW RV!

  ·  작년

If I'm reading this right, you'd work to oppose EIP in HF21, yes? If so, you have my vote and I hope we can get you into the top 20 in time to stop it!


Haha. Well, the chances on that are low, especially because the big stakeholders seem mostly in favor. But yes, I would oppose this hf.

  ·  작년

Then you have my vote!

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  ·  작년

And while I'd still like to see bid bots disappearing for good, I'm quite happy about the success ocdb had in taking delegations away from the bloodsuckers. If anyone still delegates to another bot I urge you for the sake of the platform as well as your own to move it over.

Amen to that pharesim. I just looked at your delegation on steemworld and you really put your money where your mouth is, nice one for being one of the honest people with high stake. I already vote you as witness but I'm recommending you to a few friends who are reassessing their votes.

Shame you won't make SF4, I don't think I'll be able too either this year. All the best on your journeys, cool steem graphic on the motor by the way :)

Awesome vw camper van.... wish they sold them here in Canada.