Busted for a Joint, I need your opinion.

3년 전

No, I didn't get busted. I did however spend all last week on jury duty.
What a great time that was!

After three and a half days of sitting and waiting, I was called up to serve on a
jury. Okay what would this case be? Some mass murder, or maybe an armed
robbery. Possibly a bank holdup.

Well it was none of those. The big case I was picked to in judgement on was
a girl caught smoking a joint. Yes hours and hours of people's time and tax
payer dollars were being spent to prosecute a girl for one joint.


We as juries sat for a day and a half listening to the two attorneys argue back and fourth
over this case and all I could think was what colossal waste of time this was. Yes she technically
broke the law because possession of any amount of Marijuana in Georgia is a crime. But a trial for
$7 worth of pot, really! And if found guilty then what? A fine and community service.


I think we have to use some common sense here and treat a case like this the same as say a traffic violation.
If someone is caught (not in a car) smoking or in possession of a joint or two then take the dope and write them a
ticket. What's the point of wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on a court case?


Let me know what you think. Leave a comment with your opinion.
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Nice post! I agree, a total waste of time and taxpayer's cash. If a person is smoking or in possession of a joint or two, allow him to go on his way unmolested, for his 'crime' is victimless and his peaceable actions should be the business of no one but himself.