Think About Your Thoughts

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In this blog, I am going to discuss about positive thoughts, law of attraction and it's effect in our life.

We should be more positive on our thoughts and viewpoint. Then only we will attract positive people and positive situations towards us. But when we are negative and filled with so much anger, in that situations we will attract negative people, people with full of anger and negative situations.

So you attract those rampant thoughts those you kept in your mind. Either those are from conscious mind or from unconscious mind. Those will attract. If, you give attention that in our daily life if we are talking about the power of our mind and power of our willingness, it's all around us. We have to just open our eyes and see them. You will see the law of attraction everywhere.

You are attractive everything towards you like a magnet for example people, job, situation, health, wealth, loan, happiness, the car you drive, the society in which you live. The all things you have attracted towards you. Your life is a solid proof of your thoughts running in your mind. Deep and fundamental understanding. Quantum physics also says that you could not have a world until your brain not enter in it. Because mind is making it a possible.

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If you are not understanding this, that's doesn't mean you ignore it. May be you do not understand electricity. It's not necessary that everybody know that what is electricity? still we are taking plenty of benefits from it. Do you know how does it work? I don't know it. But, I only know that you can cook food a person, and you can cook a person also.

Always, when people starts to understand this great secret, they afraid of their negative thoughts. They need to know two things. 1) This is scientifically proved that positive thoughts are thousands fold powerful that a negative thought. So, this fear ends here. and 2) We should thankful that it takes time. Your every thought will not come true at the same time. If that may true, then it may trouble.

This time gap gives us benefit of thinking and understanding on a thought and then decide. So, you must active on your thoughts, must choose them carefully, must take pleasure from it. Because you are the only best creation of your life. You are the only sculptor of your life. The statue you are making is you. And this all happens with your thoughts.

We are living a such a world that has many of laws like law of universal gravitation. If you fall from a tall building, we will fall down even if you are a good person or bad. Everything that is happening with you in your life, you have attracted your problems also.

So, we should be positive and think positive. Remember those days or moments while you were so happy. Remember those peoples with whom you enjoyed your every moments.

Please share your opinion on how to deal with negative thoughts? and how to overcome negativity?

Thank you for reading and supporting me.


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@printskill Our negative thoughts are often rules on our positive thoughts. But, we can gradually overcome negative thoughts and develop practice to replace it positive one. This article gives an inspiration to the people. It will helpful to the entire human beings. Greeting for a great article. @teky

It's another good blog by @printskill. How often you write such a nice article every time? It take too much time and experience as well. Best wishes from @gamemarket

yes we should omit negative thoughts or negativity from our lives to live a happy healthy life.. Be a positive person 👍