A DaRk stoRy #part 3

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After 2nd part

I must say you guys have so many questions when you saw this picture.... In part 2 I described about my 50% life journey and my madness. In this part i will write about my adult life madness, my happiness and my destructive thinking. After becoming architect on 2013, i fully concentrated about my career. After my mom's death and my relationship incident, i totally changed myself and grew confidence inside me. Actually i didn't want my self suffering in this dark life. After becoming Architect I Started my job life, focused on my career and always i kept myself busy with work, with my friends and started to take care of myself as well as my family. I was so happy in this life and never ever remember that dark past which i left behind me.

As I mentioned i was totally in me but my bad luck didn't left me. i didn't remember the date, all i remember it was May, 2016, morning 10.00 am. As always went office, open Facebook to check massages. Basically, i never check unknown messages but that day one massage was exceptional and it was my greatest mistake to reply that message. Yes, I am telling you it was mistake because replying that message waste my 3 years. He was defense person, so formal and i thought he is a nice guy. Gradually chatting and phone call increased and after few months we met.Though divorce happened in my life but this was my first affair relationship. Before relationship, i didn't hide anything about me from him. So, you know some relationship looks perfect when it happens but gradually you can realize true color of your partner.

All looks so perfect and i was so devoted towards him that i never try to know his reality. After 1 year of our relation, I came to know he is married and i was like WTF....... I never thought i got betrayed by someone whom i love so much moreover i never ever lie to him. I realized that this time opposite thing happen. First phase of my life, i got rejected for my outlook but this time he was with me because of my freaking face, again that outlook.

All of that 1 year was only like lie, infatuation...... i felt like again my heart broke down and again someone betray with me because of my face............

To be continue...............

@priyanarc .... if you like to know more feel free to follow, comments. you can upvote me if you want... thanks everyone...you can read other parts.... link is given below.

Part 1 # https://steemit.com/life/@priyanarc/a-dark-story-part-1
Part 2# https://steemit.com/life/@priyanarc/a-dark-story-part-2

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What the heck...? So the guy got involved with you, while cheating on his wife? What a nerve. That's really bad luck at love. I hadn't had much better luck, to say the truth, but at least I was never misled that long.

I won't say that one day you'll find the right person because I've been hearing that all my life and she never appeared. Or, if she did, we didn't recognise each other and never got involved.

All I can say is... live for yourself and don't worry to much about others. Be free.


Yes, you are absolutely right because I know people say hope one day you will find perfect match but now I don't think about it... I better go with the flow, I taste many bad experiences , many bad situations and unfortunately I suffered in those situations, no one else...

And funny thing is this love incident just make me pissed off, well this guys make my life so miserable from last 3 years.. I mean now I don't have any words/ respect for him except slang.. Even I don't think him as a person who was once everything for me, who was my part of life.. now he don't exists for me..


Oh well. I understand. The last girl I cared about treated me like dirt. She was so horrible and ungrateful that I deleted all the photos I had of her and removed all her contacts from my phone. She never tried to contact me again... and I cannot contact her, even if I want to. Which I don't. I wouldn't accept her back even if she begged on her knees.

So, good riddance. I'm better off alone.


I got your point.. Well, these people don't deserve anything from us.. Nothing..I never tried to talk with him again even I just hate him that much , I won't forgive him whatever situation will come..

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings!

I don't know how it feels going through this. I've never been there. One thing I know, that is, follow your heart, but let your brain guide you so that you will not have a broken heart in the future.

Sometimes it is not what we thought it would be. When we face the reality, we see the real picture. Looking forward to reading your next post!


thank you vhaiya...

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sorry dear. but i like your picture


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Very bad but hope for good luck in future.


Hey dear what are you writing actually?? What is the freaking face?? I never saw anyone like you who dumb herself like hell!
You know I always think that I'm so beautiful, I love myself, because I'm my Allah's creation ♥️
Don't let anyone judge you, be yourself, say Alhumdulillah 😍

And see around you'll find one who already have a crush on you!


thx apu........ pray for me... right now i dnt think myself like this.....


I Love You then 😘😘


love u too apu

I also have a question


i got your life! in my head from that part one and your facebook id!
i am not waiting for the next episode!
i hope people will get the moral behind your story! ^_^


hahah...... i hope now you got your all answers


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