Girl friend Oh

2개월 전


You only have one heart to love a woman.

Yes , I think is yes.

Last time about 10 year ago ,I have my girl friend .
I love you Oh . very nice to talk with you .

Every time I will talk with she ,
Good morning , happy day my girlfriend,
Every day we will talk and live in family .

So , sometime we will shopping in supermarket .
She like to shirt fashion and shoos fashion .
Every week she must buy it 55+

So, don’t worry I am ok.
I happy every time is Live together .

We will plan about marry about after study finish 3 year.
Maybe age 24 is ok , this is plan I and You.

After complete study Engineer and she marketing finish .
Between I and she not same Live together .

I go to karachi she live in haderabad is long to my job work.

Holliday Saturday and Sunday I will drive go to hadarbad .

So 5 year is Big Love , But !! BUT !!

1 day she is abnormal with me .

55+ So Sad to write , I Broke up with she .

Nice to meet you my Girlfriend LOVE.

Love You Away time Good luck .

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