Importance of Relaxation

3년 전

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Relaxing at the end of a long day is very important not only for ones mind and body, but it also allows you to take a step back and reflect on the day. When I am able to sit down and think about my day I find that I am able to track all of the thing I did well and not well throughout the day. As a I sat back and wrote this article I found thoughts flowing through my head because I was able to relax in a stress free environment.

Lately I have been posting quick snapshots of different foods that I am eating and even have dipped into the inspirational/motivational tags. This got me thinking, as I progress through different stages of my life and my Steemit account grows, I will be posting about many different passions in my life. I guess the point of my article is this, don't allow yourself to settle in your ways, set yourself free to explore different areas of your life.

If you don't know this already, I am traveling to California next week, I booked a one-way ticket to LA and am super excited. I have found that if you set high expectations and try to plan out specific details that you expect to go right, they will not. The best way to live is to just let things play out, the only factors in life you are able to control are your personal actions, if you are able to understand this, it can make life pretty simple.

Happy Thursday Steemians!


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Very nice post. I don't take enough time to myself and my thoughts. I get in bed at night and fall asleep right away. Sometimes if I spend too much time thinking I get anxious. I need to learn to reflect and relax at the same time. Thanks for your inspiration!


You're welcome @cookit, yes it is important to learn how to step back and not allow your thoughts to make you anxious. Once you have mastered your own mind, you can conquer any challenge!

Very right your words, we must relax the mind and body many times we get carried away by all the stresses and worries of our day to day.


Could not have said it better myself! Thank you so much for your support @andrina! Goodnight!


Thanks my friend, I hope you are well

guao, what a beautiful photograph, excellent to meditate and relax, body, mind and spirit, is a very enriching exercise because it leads us to value in the day to day the good and the not so good, of your culinary recipes I like them a lot the simple and appetizing Waiting for your trip to California, to delight my eyes seeing those good images you will share with us. @ purefood


Thank you so much for this great feedback, I am so happy that you like the photography and recipes! Cannot wait to share the California experience with you guys, I have a lot of great stuff planned!


I am excited, your excellent mood for that trip, take care of yourself and I hope to see your beautiful photos and new recipes to share, @ purefood

I like your post, and it is a good advice for my life. and the beautiful pictures are the bonus! Upvoted


Thank you so much @chairmanlee! Glad you found it useful!

Thanks for the message, today was an exhausting day and it helped me a lot what you wrote for everyone, happy trip I know everything will be fine


I am so glad that I was able to pick you up after a long day! Those exhausting days allow us to see what we are really made of! Keep working hard @yesslife!

You get a lot of good advice. Which is very useful for our health. Thank you


Thank you so much for the support @shahedadib! Glad you find my posts useful!

you are a professional photography

your gaze of life really makes you feel different thrillers.


I think so too! I love having a different perspective on life!

As always you have very good advice for everyone, you lift us up with that beautiful way of looking at life and that is how it should be we must work but we also rest


I love to rest, it's one of the most important parts of the day! Learning how to properly rest will give you the spark you need to tackle the next day!

Good writing. Very nice landscape @purefood

good day


Good day @erinazc! Thank you for your support!

thank you for your good wishes, equally for you.


Thank you so much @gabrielepicfit! Always wishing for the best!

likewise my friend. Have a successful day


Thank you very much! I hope you have one as well!

great publication wishing good wishes. regards


Thank you so much for the feedback, I appreciate it!

Yes thanks for your message. It was a great day on Thursday


You're welcome, I agree!