Learn And Cultivate The Spirit Of Patience

3년 전


Patience is virtue. Many times, Life prompts fast decisions to us and our reactions is highly critical. Patience is very important in thriving successfully in life and we can't do it all right if we cannot be patient.

When you're embarking on the journey to succeed or you are chasing your dreams, it is like planting by casting your seeds to the Earth: You don't get a tree immediately you cast your seeds. Everything you do matters; all the time spent in watering and clearing weeds around it matters. However, if you cannot be patient to watch it grow well enough that it no longer needs your full attention, you'll in no hesitation abandon it and it will die then all your time and efforts invested is a waste. So is it to people and their dreams. A lot of people have creative ideas and have put them in work. But because they want their skyscraper built in a day, they abandon the beautiful idea and kill their dreams.

We need to work on achieving our dreams. We need to leave our comfort zone and stick right to what we want. However, if we cannot learn to be patient, no matter how potent the dream or concept may be, it will die and we may never have the opportunity to work on it again --opportunity seldom knocks twice. Every time we want something, let's be ready to take responsibilities and pay the price. But we must learn to patient at all times for a man who cannot cultivate patience will cultivate nothing.

Thanks for your time.

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