Rahul Gandhi: Must give an alternative to Modi’s bogus achche din’.

3년 전

The creep is at it again. Rahul Ji, you are a disgrace to this nation. You have no credibility. All this jargon of protecting the downtrodden, providing jobs, and protecting the people is hogwash. You will be worse than Nero. How dare you question a man who has given India its true place on the national stage. You and your Italian roots must be uprooted from the country once and for all.

Image Source   :   hindustantimes.com

The government must keep on doing good work, let opposition keep on crying. If any good suggestion comes from opposition parties they need to look into it and implement it. constructive role of the opposition is missing rather they want to capture chair of PM by all means,  which is not correct. That shows they are hungry for power and want to derail the good work of the government by all means. 

Talking in public without facts and figures by Rahul is not as good as he is an opposition leader, it seems people within the party are not guiding him properly and trying to dislodge his credentials.

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The power hungry deep rooted. As one can feel the development(dignity of being indian) on world stage, due to the policy and role played by the present Pradhan sevak(PS) not Prime Minister(PM), the thugs who where affected by the action - use Media(FAKE)mong's and sponsorship to derail the development and intern dignity of our beloved,benovalant "Bharath Matha". We as open source lovers should stand shoulder to shoulder as sevak's along with our Pradhan Sevak. Jai Ind Bharath Mathaki jai. We should not waste time with by fighting back this thugs, instead focus on how to help the nation beyond the dreams of our Pradhan sevak.