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Life is changing, Life changes with time and age. That is why people forget the past very easily.

"Knowing that one day death will be the best way to save lives".


In the memories of past memories, love, laughter, tears and painful pain play over time as companions of life.

Even today, people are just for people. With the change of life the world and that changes.The words are, where the end is, the beginning is there.Demand for a new era is new.The hard reality is that in this rapidly changing world, emotional stress is also increasing.I do not know if there is literally any companion in life. Life is a huge sea.As long as I live, the shoreline cannot be found by swimming.Sometimes for no purpose, never or without purpose.It is also a matter of choosing the happiness of life with the change of life.Whatever happens, it depends on how well a person can control his emotions.

The modernity of the era and the ability of religious rules to meet the changing needs of those sources is the modernity, which is a historical fact.
Whenever the wheel of time turns, it will change with the standard of living. The better and the better, the more the evolution and the spread.It's not that this change has only come about in modern times; Rather, change, evolution and expansion are the inevitable companions of human life.From this day onward, the trend of this change has also started from the time of human feet.Human life has reached this state without passing many stages in that section.It is true, however, that in modern times this genre has jumped a lot.

It was like an explosion. The glory of which has never been seen before. Poetry is a criticism of life, a movement to change lives is a movement of poets. However, some want more than one change. The real movement is the movement of the self. Movement to recognize your destination. So if you do not practice poetry. At the same time, you need to practice life changing.

Change, change, change.
I want to be human again,
Where are our feelings,
Where are the people, like humans?
I'd be more arrogant than arrogant
What happens with eyelashes?
There is no thanks.
Independent people, where are you independent?
Why the gun in his hand?
Beauty, longevity, youth, living,
Being held captive, human misconduct ......
Want to change life
I want to erase the bad days of life.
Want to create new light in life
The way that faithful love walks,
Blind eye glasses
The intoxication of happiness continues.
He wants to change lives
From people I want to be human again

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