Human history in time


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At the end of the day we are all so alone

it seems too tired to keep pace with the times. I forget to think of myself, sometimes I find myself in others ... Each image recognizes itself more clearly, the light shows. The outside light is not too much, but the way in the dark will show the way. It gets flowers, it rains… I get lost in the clouds… I pass the clouds through the wind. In this life one will win, some will lose, some will be lost. that is the rule. Maybe someone is crying alone in the past. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. Some words cannot be said to anyone, only to be carried in the chest. Some hobbies are bound to vanish over time. Some strange rules, some strange life, yet in a new living tone, finding the insatiable entity far beyond the grief, becomes one with time. A person whose heart is filled with arrogance does not feel fit for anyone other than himself. As long as life is there, danger will be there. Never compare yourself to another. Because it involves humiliating oneself. People do not have luck in the line of hands. People have luck in action "

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Born as a human being, two - if not a bad habit, how about!
In this world, he is most helpless in that he can show nothing to his anger, pride, or hardship, there are very few people in the world who are really different, no one can be his own in life. Feeling alone in the middle of time, turning alone, being alone, left alone. Looking at the sky can indicate when it is rainy, but when people see the burden, the color will change. It is strange to remember. When the mother is around, the child feels safe on the battlefield. It is a force that will increase your heart rate several times! Who really knows selfish and selfish when standing in front of reality, whether a "mother" is educated or uneducated, whatever? But he is the one who teaches the best during his life. Time moves at its own pace, but people are changing. That's true

"Human history in time"

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