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I Am Building A Wall

A pano view of our backyard, the dip distortion is caused by the camera.

Front Yard Trees are down thanks to Tom and his crew who owns the company called "All About The Outdoors."

We have a greenbelt at the back of our property with a large herd of White Tailed deer. The wall will keep the deer, coyotes, foxes, raccoons, possums, neighborhood dogs, occasional vagrants, and squirrels out of my garden and chicken coop. Walls are a good thing for keeping your garden and pets safe. I will be putting up an solar powered electric wire across the top so the squirrels can't sneak across.

The left side of our house will have a gate.

Tom and his crew dug post holes with a gas powered post hole digger. They holes were dug yesterday, cement poured into the holes and fence posts erected within a couple hours. Tom and crew are efficient, organized, hard working, and fast.

This is the left side of my house facing the front.

I will be planting a bunch of wild flowers in this area and the right side of my house for the bees, bugs, and birds. In fact I won't need a lawn mower because most of my lawn will be turned into an edible garden.

Fences poles up and the nasty old trees are down. They aren't even good enough to burn for fire wood!

My whole backyard will be turned into a garden. I am going to see how much food I can grow and preserve. I will also raise chickens for their eggs. We will also plant apple trees, blueberries, raspberries, hazel nuts. I will also include a greenhouse next to the chicken pen. During the spring and fall the chickens will be turned loose to eat down all the plants and weeds and fertalize with their poop!


We will be converting the covered backpourch into a extended screened in sunroom. We will start that project this comming fall.

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A lot of work


The men work so hard, I really wanted to go out and help. In the past I had family and we would all pitch into a project like this together. However my family is all over the United States so I have to hire people. I'm baking them some french bread for a little gift...lolol


Perhaps it is sometimes good that we are alone, you are the person who gives the heart.

I am not familiar with the solar powered electric fence but it sounds like a great concept. You have been ambitious and making a lot of progress. I look forward to finding out what items you'll be growing in your garden. Thanks for sharing @reddust


@enjoywithtroy my seeds just arrived. i’m going to start a garden map, i’ll post it when i’m done.


You have a lot of work to do on your backyard and by turning the spacious land into a garden is a really nice idea . You are really doing a great job keep it up @reddust


I am not doing the work but i watched from my kitchen window as I baked today, thank God for strong men❤️

It seems like a good place to harvest, I hope you share those achievements.


It seems like a good
Place to harvest, I hope you
Share those achievements.

                 - rosargelisperez

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I hope I can manifest my dreams @rosargelisperez, I will give it my best and share my adventures with Steemit.

Wow... Soo cute and very very wonderful photography and post...my lovely friend @reddust ... Welcome back steemit


Thank you @moniroy, nice to see you too!


Welcome my dear lovely friend... Really miss you

You are to much hard working for your house become more beautiful. Without hardworking we can't achieve our life goals. Your are absolutely right walls is our sefety. I really to grow some beautiful flowers and vegeatables in my garden. I got up early in the morning and going to garden check it. Morning air and flowers gives you freshness. Great working mem. Thanks for sharing.@reddust.


@asadchughtai, the garden metaphor is used often when working to cleanse the mind/body of ignorance and negativity so we can see reality without the veil of conditioning. You have to get out there and work the dirt, plant the seeds, tend to the seedlings, weed, harvest and preserve.

When I go work on my garden, pulling weeds I see myself pulling out the roots of ignorance. My favorite part of gardening is planing and weeding....hahaha

I just ordered my seeds ;-)

I hope you will be very successful in this project to create a garden. This is a very good thing!


Thank you @inspiracion, I've grown gardens in Oregon, this will be my first try here in Oklahoma. I will try my best!


Oh good! I'll follow you to see how the project goes ;-)

You have a lot to do! But I think if you can build a fence wall, sometimes it might be more eye attract than a normal wall! Anyway I like that backyard! Hope you can do a lot with it!


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Really great adventure, i appreciate your great job. Your hard working make your house more beautiful.

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