Health Is Our Treasure

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A good breath

Optimizing your breathing is essential for your health. Who of us thinks to optimize each day's breathing ?

At first, the ideal is to learn abdominal breathing. Then, the ideal would be to breathe, deeply and consciously, 100 to 200 times / day on the 20,000 daily automatic breaths.

This allows better oxygenation. Respiratory controls and cardiac coherence are very helpful as well.

Breathing is the major tool to relax, meditate, relax, regenerate, energize ... and be in the performance.

Breath is the link between the body and the mind, it is the mirror of your inner state by the orthosympathetic and parasympatic nervous systems. So the efforts or the rest of our body produces the heart rate and that of our breathing.

When you get up in the morning, remember how precious it is to live, to breathe, to be happy.

Marc Aurèle

Emperor, statesman, philosopher (121 - 180)


Sauna and its benefits on our health

The sauna is a well-being ritual, its origin comes from Finland. It consists of staying for a moment in a room heated to high temperature, then to leave to enjoy the warm-cold alternation.


The benefits of the sauna :

The action of the heat in the sauna and the different hot-cold passages provide extraordinary benefits that relax your body, and recreate your well-being.

  • Relaxation : The sauna session is very good to fight against stress and tension and get rid of any negative energy. Thanks to the heat, your body releases endorphins that promote relaxation and sleep. This is why it is often advisable to practice the sauna just before going to bed, because it helps to sleep better.


  • Purifying action : Thanks to the dry heat of the sauna you will have a strong perspiration as well as the dilation of the pores of the skin. It helps flush toxins accumulated by your body. The sauna also relaxes the skin and improves its elasticity. The cold shower then helps to tighten the pores of the skin improving its appearance.


  • Muscle and Cardiovascular Action : The sauna helps the cardiovascular system function properly because it helps to dilate the blood vessels. It also helps keep blood pressure low. Increasing the speed of blood circulation helps to quickly relieve muscle aches and other body aches.

    • The improvement of the immune defenses : The heat of the sauna puts the body in a state of artificial fever. This artificial fever stimulates the immune system and leads to increased production of white blood cells and antibodies and therefore to fight against diseases. For example The sauna allows you to protect yourself from influenza epidemics.



    Our environment

    The protection of the environment is the business of everyone. Indeed, it is our problem to all of us if the environment in which we evolve is deteriorating day by day. Thus, each of us must act as a good citizen and therefore adopt certain gestures to begin. I suggest you these tips to help you protect the environment too !


    The first three things you can do

    I start with food. Today, I advise to adopt an ecoresponsible diet. How? It's very simple, you can for example avoid feeding on certain varieties of fish or seafood in the process of extinction, eat more local products, seasonal vegetables.

    Second thing you can do, reduce your consumption of toxic products. I'm mainly talking about household products, so do not throw them anywhere else. There are today ecological products, I advise you to get some.

    It is also important to reduce the water consumption of the house. To do this, water your own garden for example and control the flow of water you run. You can also settle for a shower instead of a bath, close the taps well so that it does not drip.

    At work and at home

    You can also act to protect the environment of your workplace. Recycling is an idea that I propose to you today. For example, you can print the documents you need on both sides or use fewer papers.

    At home, you can do a lot of things to respect the environment, including the best maintenance of your car that pollutes a lot when the engine is sick. If possible, use your car as little as possible, walk or use a bike that is much less polluting.


    Addiction to the phone

    According to statistics, nearly 75% of the world's population own at least one mobile phone.
    Talking, taking pictures, exchanging text messages, consulting social networks, internet (...) all these actions that make us addicted to the smartphone.

    • What is nomophobia ?
    • What are her symptoms and can she be treated ?


    The word "nomophobia" comes from the contraction of the phrase "no mobile-phone phobia", which means an excessive fear of being separated from your mobile phone. This is both classic phobia and addiction.

    How is nomophobia manifested ?

    Every nomophobic person is addicted to his smart phone, this feeling grows up to the phobia of being deprived of his mobile phone.

    Below I give you some clues that can help to know if you are nomophobic or not :

    • Your first instinct when you wake up is to look at your phone and use it.
    • You always check your phone, regardless of time and place.
    • You are afraid of losing your phone, breaking it, or having it stolen.
    • When the battery of your phone is discharged, you feel idle.
    • You prefer to communicate via phone than to actually meet people !


    Nomophobia symbolizes rather the fear of being "cut off from the world" or the fear of being bored. Michael Stora, founder of the Observatory of Digital Worlds in Human Sciences even says "It goes beyond boredom, it is an avoidance of his own thinking. ".

    Be careful, this new phobia is not to be taken lightly, because it can sometimes endanger the lives of individuals. Some people absolutely want to quit their lack quickly, and therefore consult their phone driving, for example, which is unconscious.

    What is the care and solution of this neurosis ?

    If you suffer from this new psychological illness and you do not want to be dependent on your mobile phone, you can wean yourself by closing your cell phone a little longer or forcing yourself out the house from time to time for example ... However, a more severe nomophobia may require psychological care, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy.


    Your health is your secret to success : Foods that help to tan


    Prepare your skin for the first rays of the sun and consider your summer tanned. To promote tanning, adopt these 20 foods loaded with beta-carotene and anti-oxidants. They will allow you to wear a pretty face and be irresistible on the sand !

    Seasonal fruits and vegetables are preferred to prepare the skin for the sun and prolong the tan after the holidays.

    The carrot :

    Carrot is the richest food for beta carotene. Raw, she will become your best friend.
    To vary, we also think of consuming sweet potato and pumpkin, also rich in beta-carotene.

    Tomato and red pepper :

    Their red color proves that they are loaded with carotenoids, natural pigments that promote tanning. Combine tomato and red pepper with grapefruit, also packed with carotenoids, and voila!

    Melon and watermelon :

    The flesh of this two summer fruits are full of carotenoids and vitamin B6. In addition to quenching - which is essential to have beautiful skin - melon and watermelon will look good because your skin will be well hydrated.


    Peach and apricot :

    Apricot at breakfast activates vitamin A for the day. Mango, exotic fruits and yellow peach are also good foods because they contain lutein, a pigment that is part of the same family as beta-carotene.

    Strawberries and cherries :

    These summer fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C which has the property of preventing aging of the skin. Strawberries and cherries therefore do not directly favor tanning but give a boost to tired mines.


    Some foods, rich in vitamins, beta-carotene or anti-oxidants also allow to have beautiful skin and to shine even in winter !

    Eggs :

    For a perfect complexion, combine the fruits and vegetables of the sun with the egg. Very rich in vitamins A, B, D and E, its yellow also contains omega 3 and omega 6 which accelerate tanning and nourish the skin.

    Seafood and salmon :

    Summer is also synonymous with seafood tasting: shrimps, oysters, mussels, whelks and other prawns are loaded with selenium, a trace element that protects the skin from UV rays.
    Salmon, like eggs, is rich in omega 3.

    Dairy products :

    Because they contain both calcium and vitamin A, dairy products make it easier to tan and provide a beautiful tan all year long.

    But also ... green vegetables :

    Do not sulk green vegetables. Some foods such as spinach, lettuce, lamb's lettuce or broccoli, for example, are full of chlorophyll, a highly antioxidant pigment.


    Do not forget to drink water :

    To keep fit and make your skin supple and beautiful, we think to hydrate all year long, especially during periods of hot weather. We drink a lot of water: at least 1.5 liters a day.


    Benefits of Yoga

    Let me introduce you to the 7 main virtues that Yoga will improve in your life :

    • Helps you to reduce stress, anxiety and your fears of the future and to live more serenely

    • Improves your breathing and your breath

    • gives you confidence in yourself, which gives you a great energy to realize your projects and your dreams

    • Helps you to be more present to yourself and to the world, feel and enjoy every second you live (Well live the present moment)

    • Improve your concentration

    • Strengthens your body and improves your flexibility, which will allow you to feel a deep happiness without being aware of the source

    • Opens you the doors of Indian culture with its philosophy and spirituality



    Walking in nature

    Walking at least 30 minutes a day will have a good anti-stress effect especially in the wild and also allows to disconnect for a few moments of artificial light and new technologies : Internet, phones and electromagnetic waves very dangerous to the brain !


    In the end: relaxation, letting go, natural light of the day beneficial for health, better oxygenation, and walking activates the lymphatic system (linked to the immune system).

    Be aware that the color green would also impact us !

    Sport will seek fear to dominate it, fatigue to triumph over it, difficulty in overcoming it.

    Pierre De Coubertin

    Historian, Pedagogue, Scientist (1863 - 1937)

    All images from pixabay



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