The smile is like a "good virus" that spreads and relieves tension.

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Since we are small, we are taught that maturity is related to being serious and responsible.

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So when we grow up, we believe that we are mature because we are serious, realistic and then we forget to dream.

With the exception of our entourage, we often smile at a stranger, and we forget that the smile is like a "good virus" that spreads and relieves tension.

When we smile at someone, we tell them a lot, especially that we like the fact that they share space with us.

The other person decodes it instantly and smiles too, and that's when negative thoughts stay away.

The title speaks of a "magic power of the smile" and indeed, the smile naturally relieves. We smile when we feel good, when a situation is funny, when we are happy or excited by a news, and so there are many similar situations that make us smile.


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The magic of smiling :

But the most important thing about the smile, when it is addressed to another person, is to convey a feeling of companionship.

Thus, the other does not feel alone in the "anthill" of people who come and go in the middle of the streets of a big city.

Many conversations with people we do not know, start with an exchange of smiles. This is also part of the magic.

Another part of this magic is the feeling of well-being that the smile provokes and how important it is to accompany a person who suffers.

Often, in times when words can not cover space, a smile can do it. He is able to communicate that I am with the other in a time of suffering and, as it is contagious, it makes forget for a moment the pain.

Offering a smile is an effective thing we can do to disconnect from the routine, since it removes the negative side of problems and changes our point of view. It's as if he's changing the negative pole to positive.

If you dare to offer smiles in your daily life, do not hesitate! You will see that the results are infallible and truly magical.

Smile at the baker, the supermarket cashier, the bus driver and even your seat neighbor. You will soon realize that the smile is a driver of good emotions and spreads the good mood around you.



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