Some happy moments with kid on Sunday


Hello and Namaste everyone

For a mother, her kids are always special and their happiness is one of the most precious gift.
He is my son and he was so happy so I clicked some photos. These photos are so special for me because this is what I always want.


Whatever I do for him is directly or indirectly connected to bring smile on his face. He likes his Photography and I do sometimes.


Sunday is good day to have fun with my kiddo because in other days he is busy with his school and homework and I am busy on my working stuffs. I specifically ensure that I don't get any work on Sunday and it should be a free day for me so that I can have a great time and awesome weekend.

I always want my kid to be a good man caring for people around him and not a money centric. Money is important in life but shouldn't be a first priority and I want him to follow this philosophy.

I am writing this post after sometime today and after this post I will be heading to nearest mall. Will do shopping for some winter stuffs and lunch outside.

That's the plan for today.

Thank you so much for your support and time.

Enjoy Sunday.

Namaste from India 🇮🇳

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He is a fine looking boy and he does look happy!

Thanks for sharing the pictures and have a great day!


Glad that you liked it @kenny-crane
Thank you so much.

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