Succulents to de-stress

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Recently, my mom has been buying all sorts of succulents for our home. She also gained interest in planting some so I have been seeing different varieties of it all over our house. When I am tired from reading books, I love to draw and write words and recently, my interest goes to drawing succulents. I don't know but they are just too pretty and cute. I love having them, my roommate, @tmsz even gave me one as a present before and until now, the succulent thrives.

My friend's mom also gave me lots of succulents before, some even planted inside shells which is amazing! Some of which died because they were not put into the sunlight. Taking care of plants is definitely fun and it can help you distress. After I am done with my exam, I am planning on planting flowers in our backyard because seeing them makes me feel so happy. But first, I need to figure out where to buy the seeds. How about you? Do you like succulents too?

How about you? Do you like succulents too?

About @reewritesthings:

Ree is a twenty-two-year-old Cebuana who lives in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. She spends most of her free time having her head buried in a book, watching movies, learning modern calligraphy and writing poems. Also, a lover of science and engineering.

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Uh oh! What a great thing and that's a great stress-reliever too!


I have to try ;)


Go for it! :)