To My Sister

2년 전


Thank you for kindness. You were the first person who taught me the value of sacrificing for others. When we were young, there are things you can't have by yourself because it has always been me and you. You always have someone to have it half. Your hands show kindness, for taking care of me at a very young age. For being my mother during the times when we don't have one. Kindness in your voice as you hum the lullaby, singing me to sleep when the only person we have is us.

Thank you for patience. I often make poor decisions because I tend to rush things out but you always make me understand that growth is a process and that I can only do one thing at a time. Thank you for the patience of supporting me in everything I endeavor even if that means it will take time. Even if that means you have to sacrifice.

Thank you for the sense of responsibility. At a very young age, you already started working and you moved out of the house. I admire your ability to stand on your own feet without the need for others. You are very independent and you fight for what you think is right and what you believe in.

Thank you for strength. Whenever I am at my lowest, you never fail to encourage me and to keep on going and that failure is part of life, it is inevitable. You taught me to stand up because if I don't, no one will do it for me.

Thank you for friendship. We are sisters by blood but you are my best friend. You laugh when I make stupid mistakes but at the end of the day, you stick out for me. We have our similarities (lots of them) and our differences but one thing that I can never deny is that no matter what happens, you will always be my sister. Though we have our fights (which almost always you win), you will still be my sister. I look up to you a lot. I admire your qualities that I somehow wish I have too. You are beautiful, inside out. There is a reason God gave me a sister. I am glad He chose you.

About @reewritesthings:

Ree is a twenty-two-year-old Cebuana who lives in the Pearl of the Orient Seas. She spends most of her free time having her head buried in a book, watching movies, learning modern calligraphy and writing poems. Also, a civil engineer.

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It's nice seeing you write again.

Yea. There are some things....people that God has placed in our life, along the path we tread that we wouldn't stop being grateful and thankful for.

Am also grateful that you have some that special in your life and family. Cheers!


Yes, I have been very busy for the past few months. I am working on posting poems again, maybe when I have the luxury of time. Overall, it is nice to be back, I missed writing so much and I missed the people here.

I agree. There are people in this world I am truly grateful of and my sister is just one of them.

Thank you for dropping by! How about you? How are you doing?