Be Honest With Your Kids

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Being honest with your kids is crucial to fostering your relationship. These conversations can range from simple subjects like homework help to more challenging ones, such as the death of a loved one. Be as honest as possible when talking to your kids, as this will encourage them to be more open. It will also help them realize that they can talk to adults about anything, and will minimize the worry that they might be keeping a secret from you.

Encourage your child to be honest
Children who are honest tend to have better relationships with other people and develop a sense of self worth. In order to encourage your child to be honest with you and others, it helps to praise them whenever they do so. You don't need to give verbal praise, but a big hug can show your child that you value their honesty and respect their opinions. As a parent, your role is to set the example.

Avoid asking questions that could lead to lying
One of the best ways to prevent your child from lying is to avoid over-lecturing them. Instead of asking yes or no questions, use open-ended questions. You'll want to avoid using the word "why," because it sets the stage for a power struggle or defensiveness, and will likely encourage your child to make up an excuse. Also, it's not helpful to punish your child for lying, especially when it's not your fault.

Practice being apart from your child before school starts
Before your child starts kindergarten, practice being separated from you. If possible, try to arrange a play date with a friend or grandparent to spend time without your child. During this time, you should say good-bye to your child and say goodbye to the babysitter or teacher. Your child should also be exposed to the separation anxiety before school begins, and this will make the first few days at school much easier.

Explain the consequences of lying to your child
You need to explain the consequences of lying to your child. Tell your child that telling the truth is just as important as other good behavior such as not talking back to you or fighting with siblings. You can also give your child a reward for telling the truth when they are caught. You should always be patient with your child and do not rush to act on their lies. Instead, gently correct their lies and move on gracefully. Do not dig for the truth or confront them further unless you are truly serious about addressing the issue.

Avoid rewarding children for lying
There are some tips you can use to prevent your child from lying. First, be patient and do not react negatively. This is because your child may lie to avoid negative reactions. Secondly, talk to your child in a calm and firm manner. Make sure to emphasize your values and beliefs when dealing with the subject of lying. You can also try asking your child when they will do their homework so that they can take responsibility for their actions.

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