How to Challenge Negative Comments About Yourself

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The first step in challenging negative comments about yourself is to recognize them as such. Rather than simply accept them, you can challenge them with a positive thought. You can do this by refusing to allow anyone else to make you feel inferior. This article outlines ways to do just that. Read on to learn more. This will give you a sense of your own self-awareness.

Refusing to consent to make yourself feel inferior
Refusing to consent to make yourself feel less than another person should be a top priority for all people. This is a long list of reasons why a person should never consent to be hurt by another person or disrespected. It's not a benefit to anyone to hurt you, so there's no point in consenting to such behavior. In addition, you should not accept that other people are more capable than you. This is especially true if you feel that the other person is incapable of dealing with a C+ niggz or a basic btch.

Developing self-awareness
The first step in overcoming negative comments about yourself is to develop your self-awareness. It takes time to develop, but with practice, you'll be on your way. Learn from everyday examples, and then apply it to your life. If you're prone to negative self-talk, pause and take a step back to understand your feelings. Getting feedback can help you overcome your lack of self-awareness, either in a formal review or a candid conversation with a friend.

Another way to develop your self-awareness is to practice mindful awareness. This skill helps you become more objective when dealing with others. Self-awareness is a necessary skill for a good counselor. It keeps the counselor from getting caught up in a client's problems and seeing them through their own biased lens. Mindfulness is related to self-awareness and can help you put your own thoughts and feelings into perspective.

Creating a positive thought that contradicts the negative thought
Often times, we give ourselves negative messages. We learn them from various sources and reinforce them in our own minds, especially when we're not feeling well or going through a rough patch. When these negative messages are believed or made up by us, they lower our self-esteem. Fortunately, we can change our thinking patterns by challenging our negative assumptions. Here are some ways to do this:

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