Judging Others Brings Out the Worst in Us

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Often we judge others without considering the other person's viewpoint. In other words, we judge based on human standards, which often brings out the worst in us. By lowering our negative judgments, we will develop compassion and empathy for others, which will increase our overall satisfaction. We may even find that reducing negative judgments has some very positive effects, such as a boost in self-esteem. The following are some tips to stop judging others.

Focus on yourself
Many of us judge others based on our feelings and insecurities. Sometimes we judge people to make ourselves feel better or to fit in. We can also use judgment to reinforce negative feelings and beliefs. The key to changing your negative thinking is to stop judging. Try thinking of people's traits and qualities and reframe them. It will help you focus on what is good for you.

Judge charitably
Our ability to judge others charitably often stems from our own faulty perceptions. It's easy to condemn those who hurt us, but we should remember that Jesus had every right to condemn those who killed him, and yet he displayed the most charitable judgment when he prayed to his Father for their sins. In other words, judging others charitably brings out the best in us.

Reframe a situation to reduce negative judgments
One way to stop yourself from thinking negatively about other people is to reframe a situation. For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic, instead of saying, "You're so rude, you should be ashamed of yourself," decide that the person is driving his or her child to the hospital. This simple act can increase your compassion and empathy. But how can you do this? You can practice the art of reframing by doing a worksheet that provides exercises.

Set up human standards instead of God's
One way to be free of judging is to submit yourself to God's standard, not your own. Setting your own standards is a surefire way to lead to conflict and broken relationships. Submission to God, on the other hand, leads to harmony and restored relationships. Biblical discernment and the practice of patience are essential in dealing with disagreements and criticism. While a response to the accusation of judgment can be helpful, it should never come before prayer.

Increase fear of being judged
Fear of being judged can make us uncomfortable. When people make judgments on us, we may feel deeply uncomfortable and begin to doubt ourselves. Our internal dialogue also contributes to our fears, and we may start to create stories about our behavior and perceived perfection. We may also project our insecurities onto others. To overcome fear of being judged, you need to address the source of your insecurities. There are several ways to do this.

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