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3년 전

What Is Life?

You're born, raised & you die,
That is life...
Simple and short is the time,
Very short & yet we know not.
We have heard about time,
Yet we commonise time,
And now you're asking what has time gotten to do with your life?
You are not stupid or foolish if you don't know,
Your life is your clock here,
It ticks and ticks and ticks,
On & on, it goes
That's your life ticking away,
Sssshh, don't say Godforbid,
Cos that itself is reality.
Don't think this is farce,
Don't wait till time is scarce,
For you don't how much time you're assigned,
Neither do you know what time has been spent from yours,
Neither do you know how much time that is left?
Your achivements or desired goals have absoulutely nothing to do with this,
Your faith to live long will not keep your clock away from ticking,
No!!! it cannot be paused,
It ticks on your best and worst days,
It is ticking even on your lazy days,
It is ticking while you are on your vacation
There is no such thing as pause in the time of your life,
Weather you are diligent with your clock or not, it is ticking,
It will tick till it gets to 00.00 clock,
And then is over, the crossover,
That is the transition point,
Where everything about you automatically transform into memories.
If you are reading this it means your clock is still ticking,
That means you are alive,
Now pls start living,
Cos there is no time,
Don't say i will wait until i achieve all my life goals and start enjoying life, living it to the fullest.
No, start now, for what is the guarantee that you will make it to that goal?
There is no guarantee anywhere that all your life goals will be met or achieved.
So live your life, start living it Now in full.
For there is No Time,
Don't wait for a certain age to pursue anything you'd love to, start pursuing it Now.
For your time here is shortened daily.
Life is Too Short, The Time Is Now!!!
I wish you a fulfilling 2018

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