Sometimes the smallest mistakes take us back to the basics

3년 전
in life

You can easily over think things.

It's taking a step back and analyzing why it's broken to begin with that we often over look. I can tell you time and time again, I've look at something that's messed up and wondered how it happened. For example, there was an issue that three engineers had looked at, yet it wasn't fixed. They all seemed to have the answer, so I didn't not even bother to look at the problem. When the problem had resurfaced and they were long gone, I gave it a shot.

I looked at it at least 4 times, before going what the hell?

This was because I was too focused on the engineer's notes on the issue. After I took a breath I started to just snap back into it and realized it was something insanely easy to fix. I was over thinking it, I ended up fixing it in 5 minutes. The more I was trying to put into the problem, the more I was over thinking it. If all else fails! :

Go back to the basics!

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