RobbieM: Don't waste your f*****g time on looking for self-confidence

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I will spare you now, in a few lines, from some 5000 pages of various books about self-confidence, time and money wasted on seduction courses that reduce your confidence to pulling up an accidental chick and sleeping with her, additionally basing on artificial foundations. Specifically and briefly:

What is self-confidence? It is thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that you have about yourself. To be confident means to have a positive view of yourself, like yourself and, above all, respect yourself!

How to become confident? You need to realise that 'You are what you do'. You can't spend a day doing things you don't respect and at the same time respect yourself. Spend your time on things you think are right, that you can respect and support. Do you know the difference between a coward and a hero? There is no difference. They both are the same deep inside. They both are afraid of death and hurt. What the hero does makes him a hero. What the other guy doesn't do, makes him a coward.

You need to realise the difference between you and the biggest word heroes is ACTION.

Confidence is not something you can learn at the £2999 seduction courses or get within a week. It is a natural stimulus that represents who you are, and who you are depends on what you do.

Some people, basically almost everyone, confuse confidence with fears and the lack of ability to adjust to a given situation. If you have never done something, it is natural you will do it carefully and awkwardly. It is exactly the same when you have enough break and the action requires more concentration.

When dealing with women, you have to be confident just like Jim Carrey in 'The Mask', when he was wearing the mask. You have to have your world and play the leading role, and everyone else has to be extra! You have to be confident like him, even though he was fucking ugly. You have to be ugly and confident, it is your world, no one will die for you! You have to stop giving a shit about what others think, it is you who has to have fun. You have to be a one-person limited liability company, how you feel has to come out from your inner conviction about yourself, not from the way he treats you because that guy can be a broken dickhead. If a chick blows you off, you get another one, don't give a fuck, just feel sorry for her, for what she lost, and enjoy the fact she will not waste your precious time anymore. The people who don't know you can't offend you. You have to literally and figuratively LOVE YOURSELF. No one will really love you if you don't love yourself, no one will respect you if you don't respect yourself. You have to give a legitimate example that it's true with all of you. You have to have a deep self-esteem that will make you feel secure and comfortable in every situation. It is the basis and the foundation of everything.

Blood, sweat, tear, and a handful of fat articles, among with everyone should find something for themselves. This all would been pointless without YOU. If you like it, and want more -  🍰resteem this post, and hit the 🍺upvote button. 

Ok, so you don't have enough yet?

Best wishes, love and peace

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Somehow this post gives me confidence and it is inspiring. I will take it as advise for myself. Thx bro XD

There is nothing more confidence boosting, fulfilling and productive than just doing things, being active. It doesn't matter how successful you are right off the back. Every failure, every bit of misfortune that happens while you are doing things will be a part of your future success because you will continue to build up on those experiences.

"one-person limited liability company". like it, cool phrase, soft of psychological twist on "single-member llc" business category. cheers!

Also never read Jordan Peterson. He'll turn you into a lobster.

I always just ge you and to it no matter if it frightens me to talk to women. At any rate it’s a new world problem it’s not like we have to be afraid of being eaten by tigers and lions.