RobbieM: Why do women cling to men who don’t give a sh*t about them

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Have you ever wondered why, when you care about a girl a lot, she is not interested in you, and when it is the other way round and you don't give a shit about her, she clings to you like a donkey to a carrot?

Someone wise once said 'don't give a shit and it will be given to you' - and this is the answer.

When you don't give a shit, you come across as a confident, hard-to-get person (women don't like easy men), who is not impressed by her beauty. Most importantly, you are then relaxed, which automatically transfers to your body language. Women can easily read if you are stressed, insecure, or fuckng whatever. You are just standing straight and confident in a natural position, not thinking about what to do with your hands, or whether or not to cross your legs when you're sitting. In brief, you don't feel every limb of your body that sends the signal to your brain, reminding you of its existence. Everyone knows that feeling, not only when it comes to dealing with women, but also in important conversations on which you want to do well.

The way you sit, the way you move, your gestures or eye contact, the emanation of your inner self-confidence, cohesion, are the factors that make up your success.

When you are in the relaxed state while talking to her, you start to not give a shit about what she thinks of you, you talk very openly, and if she does not like it, she can go, you will not be apologizing for it. You are not here to make an impression on someone, you are being yourself. That's what makes them crazy. You start joking on the border of the socially accepted tact norms (if you have that sense of humour). You are honest with her (women love it, it drives them crazy), you try not to act better than it is in reality, you don't wonder if what you said is good, don't acquiesce when she says she likes opera or running half-naked, smeared with chocolate, with the granny pants on her head – because it will be weird. You are not trying to look for what connects you and hang on to it. You do not put her view on a pedestal and try to spin around it like a satellite looking for things in common. When you turn into a dog, she will start feeling uncomfortable.

Women can instantly recognise when someone tries too hard while interacting, and trying so hard makes you not be yourself. You calculate too much, you have too many emotions inside you, yet your mind is empty, even though you are a fucking intelligent guy. In a word, you cruelly underestimate your value and come across as a boring guy, with whom interacting wasn't particularly different from many other men she had dated.

When you don't care about her opinion, you direct the conversation towards the subjects that interest you; if you're crazy for her buttocks, you think about her in bed; if you want to joke with her – and suddenly you jump through all these topics, although you barely know each other. How come it's so fast? It's because you are relaxed and it's not a big deal for you, but, just like someone said before, you are moving the boundaries. If you are relaxed, she feels good about it, too.

Anxiety, squeezed throat, emptiness in your head, don't accompany you when you don't give a shit. Showing her that you don't want to get her, you increase your value as a man in her eyes, especially if she is beautiful and her ego is tickled enough by the guys who wanted to fuck her. You unlock yourself and then you are completely yourself.

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It seems like a lot of them do. :(
Do you use @dustsweeper?

It's hard when a chick can't read between the lines...

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I read the post and I find myself agreeing with most things. One thing though left an impression that you probably weren't going for but shouldn't be considered nevertheless.

The phrase 'don't give a shit and it will be given to you' has actually some more truth to it than one might think at first. Taking it literally, one might find himself not actually wanting what he gets by not giving a shit, which is something I can absolutly agree on. If I want someone or something and work myself towards it, I feel a whole different kind of accomplishment while having shit thrown at me usually leaves me rather unsatisfied.

Both literally and figurtively.

I think that there is a good sweet spot between not giving a shit and working for something worth having. And everyone has to find it by themselves.


I agree with your point. It seems this might be a guide for those that chase the ladies and kind of extreme attitude to take. For one I think both sexes are turned off when approached from an overly needy desperate person. It shows insecurity and potential for co dependency. I do agree with a lot of what is mentioned. I would just simply say never put yourself out there too quick and for the most part the ladies let you know. Don't hit the gas til you get the green light


Another piece of advise fitting to the topic is the importance of understanding and enjoying ones own life.

I know so many people who are entirely focused on wanting to be co-dependent with someone else to the point where they rather stick in unhealthy relationships instead of embracing the idea of fulfilling oneself for a bit.

I find that utterly unattractive. Why would I want to be together with someone who can't even bear being with herself? Love is a nice concept and all, but I want a relationship to make my life better, not needlessly more stressful, in a bad way.

Nice post, Robbie! I'm in the same business as you, helping men figure out how to get what they want. or the same name on Youtube. Check it out. Other than that, well written post. I can see that you spent some good time preparing it, and making it high quality for your readers! Keep it going!


I saw your stuff. Your are great in what you do :)


Thanks bro! Means a lot! Let’s create an army of awesome men :) hehe

Standards? Oh yes! She must have no student debt. No credit card debt. A semi healthy bank account. Brought up by both a mom and dad. Does not whine about her family, job or especially. her ex's......but is all about the solution...and gets things done. Does not blink when I ask her to bring an STD note from the doctor, clearing her ..after presenting her with mine. No children, no low impulse control which is very easy to test. If she is know...bye. And do I really have to explain why must I have all these things (especially different streams on income) before I begin entertaining these lovely creatures?
That is where the dating pool...begins. If she is going to be a series regular...there are additional protocols which allow me to vet her on an ongoing basis. I don't worry about female shit tests. Too busy with protocols of my own. Not giving a shit about anything that does not align itself with my ever evolving lifestyle? Oh yes!!
Gents...I am 59. No scalawags need apply. I have no need of drama as I love my peace and quiet.You'll be suprised how the dating life changes overnight. Instead of being on the may just find yourself fending off covert offers to the point it will begin to annoy you.
In the 80os there was this No Money Down real estate dude (not Allen or Sheets) who used to say..."People don't get into trouble because they ask for too much. They get there because they settle... for too little. In this day and age where women hunt men for sport, cash and prizes...her having a pair of thunder thighs is just not enough for entrance to the castle. All females I have ever known have standards for their prospects. Guess what? It is my turn. What are your standards gents? I'm all about adding to my protocols. Peace and blessings be upon you and yours.


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Dude here you are writing huge texts, when she is outhere gargling some guys cum in a bathroom bar.


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I am usually positive but this advice misses the point. Overall, the title of the article and the general message is true in my opinion. What lacks are the examples the evidence and a truly confident and secure person presenting them. It does come off a little that the author is not all that confident and secure with himself. That's my take-away.

I am usually positive but this advice misses the point. Overall, the title of the article and the general message is true in my opinion. What lacks are the examples the evidence and a truly confident and secure person presenting them. It does come off a little that the author is not all that confident and secure with himself. That's my take-away.

Robbiedot,interesante tu publicación

nice post