Real life horror: Unit 731

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DISCLAIMER: This is a true story of horrible experiments. It was hard enough to write so I would suggest not to read any further if you are a sensitive person.

Unit 731

Most of us heard of at least some terrible experiments done by either USSR or Nazis and Dr. Mengele. However, something even darker and more horror than Auswitz. One of the most horrid experiments were done by the Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731.

Unit 731 was set up in 1938 in Japanese-occupied China. Experiments that occurred in that place were held in secret for almost 40 years and to this day it is one of the most secured secrets of the World War II. In 1984 Japan finally acknowledged what happened in Unit 731.

Biological warfare

The aim of this unit was to develop biological weapons. They also set up secret research and experimental school in Tokyo. The unit was supported by Japanese universities and schools which provided doctors and staff to help.

Reports from this plays, even though Japanese government does not admit them, say that the unit used thousands of Chinese and other Asian civilians and wartime prisoners as human guinea pigs to breed and develop killer diseases.

During the war, the Japanese Imperial Army used biological weapons developed and manufactured by Unit 731 throughout China, killing or injuring an estimated 300,000 people.


Among all the horrific experiments done on humans were infecting around 3000 of enemy soldiers and civilians with plague, anthrax, cholera and other pathogens. Humans were used as guinea pigs. Other even more horrific experiments included :
Vivisection without anesthesia (vivisection-cutting open a human, while alive, to see his organs and how it operates) to see how the disease spread throughout his body.
Pressure chambers to see how much a human could withstand before exploding. Scientists wanted to know what is the human limit.
Some human test subjects were taken outside during the harsh winter until their limbs froze off for the doctors to experiment how best to treat frostbite.

To make it easier for doctors and scientists to do the experiments, the prisoners were referred to as “Maruta” or wooden log, instead of people.

Because of the Unit’s secret nature, there is no complete list of the experiments that were undertaken by Unit 731. One is for sure no prisoner came out alive of the Unit’s gates.


Right before Japan surrendered, all facilities were completely destroyed along with the evidence. The remaining 400 prisoners were shot and employees had to swear secrecy.

To make even more evil, the mice that were kept in the lab were then released which could have caused the lives of 30 000 people as the mice were infected with the bubonic plague.

Only a few people that were involved in the experiments admitted their guilt. Some were arrested and detained but only a handful of them was prosecuted for war crimes.

Japan made a secret deal with US General D. MacArthur. Data of experiments for immunity of prosecution. Because of that no one in Japan was brought to justice. Some of the worst criminals went on to occupy key sector in medicine or other sectors.
“Since it is believed that the USSR possesses only a small portion of the technical information, and since any war-crimes action would completely reveal such data to all nations, it is felt that such publicity must be avoided in the interests of defense and security of the U.S.” explained in internal War Department memorandum

What is your opinion should the data be revealed or sealed and never see a light of the day again?

I do not claim ownership of any presented photos.

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