Ashes of the past

3년 전

At this place was the market. Which we loved. Which more than once us helped.

Now - the gaps of the former grandeur.

It is unfortunate that Sobyanin treats the inhabitants of the city in this way.

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Yes, the market was very cool, cheap fish, it's a pity that gradually small shops are being destroyed by large complexes such as "auchan"


ну мало ли, шобы поменьше гугл трансляторов пришлось использовать бедным пользователям стимита читая наши русские диалоги =)


да, уж, рынок напротив ихнего гипермаркета смотрелся лучше... но ихний гипермаркет облентился, а рынок обпарковался.

Жалко магазинчик!


ага. Очень
вся жизнь там прошла)
очень рад вам и здесь

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"Memories are just where you left them." Places, people, all awash in time are fleeting in the days of our lives."

Beautiful capture :)
Thank you for sharing!

Time is Art. In Life, all we have is Time. Why not make Art all the Time?

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