Why new steemians quit?

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Hard to want to make contents when it feels like no one ever sees it and those who does and sees its good doesn't want to upvote,your voting power stays lying in 100% and yet u claim to find a post good and not still upvote? Those people have natural selfish acts even on steemit? Clouded with the fact that you even get curation rewards for upvoting posts? Why do u habe voting power if you can't use it? Or what's the greatness in upvoting just you,your family and friends posts ? Do u know what it means to even use the upvote button? Some of you even comment all sort of nice things but never upvote? If you like it as much as you claim then why not upvote? Isn't that even more proof!? Some even go ahead to give you their 0.5%,0.1%,5%,20% knowing very well that the only value that adds up is 0.000-0.001 what's the play really? What's the point at all? If you're gonna upvote if you're not then leave it...not get your name up there when you didn't even add a cent! I know its not up to any of you to help anyone succed oh at least get a stand on steemit but what's the harm in helping at all? What's for u to loose? I see why a lot of new steemians quit on a dialy....now no one has to keep upvoting theirs but at least just a worthy vote as a welcome?!
I don't mind if none of the whales or witnesses reads it but at least i said what i think!
Thanks drops mic

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You are right Rose. I think steemit is a game...not for the weak but the though.


Steemit is far from a game or whatever you're trying to say

Welcome to the wonderful world we call cyberspace! I guess with anything, they may like it, just not that much. I'm new, and I have written several posts, all of which I felt were good, but there is always room for improvement. I wish you the best!


Skip, I noticed after going through your line of posts that you've not been getting deserving attention too. Don't be discouraged.

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