1977 Raleigh Chopper. Mk2. Needs restoring. I'll do it one day

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My boyhood Raleigh Chopper.

This was the bike that made me the ace-face back in 1977.
My flared trousers would catch in the chain regularly and that would make the back wheel lock.
That in turn would stop the bike dead and the cool, but inconveniently placed gear lever nearly ruined the chances of future children.
Of course, none of that concerned me when I was 8 so I'd just jump back on and continue till it happened again, locking the peddles between the heel and sole of my platform shoes.
Other pre-health and safety features of this bike was that there was no weight on the front wheel so turning into a tight bend make no affect on what direction you were heading.
The cunningly designed double seat encouraged you to give your best mate a "backie" which removed what steering was left and wheeling into the nearest ditch, lamp post, etc while trying to look cool in front of your mates became an art form.
After all, Evil Knievel didn't look bothered every time he jumped 15 of the 16 cars he was attempting and fell into a crumpled heap, so why should it bother an 8 year old boy in the 1970's?
Eventually, puberty hit me and I retired the bike to the garage and despite countless women in my life suggesting it should go to the tip, I decided to loose the women and keep the bike until the day I can jump 16 double-decker buses on it.

Main pics are of my MK2 with single gear change, only capable of removing a single testicle.

The last pic is of a MK1 I took from Wikipedia with the double gears like the one owned by my boyhood mate, Gordon. The flash git.

Strangely he has no children.


This one is a MK1 taken from Wikipedia

Of course, I got to mention Evil too.
What a guy, that crazy it must've been genius. RIP Evil

How cool was this look?

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Dude this is awesome do you actually have this??? I want one


Yes i do, and no, you cant have it

I learned how to ride a bike quite late...when I was 10 yo. Before I was too scary cat (bad accident with taxi driver when I was 5)...but I loved my bike so so much and after that I drived it like crazy 😈
So here we go... This is Jubilat... Nor exactly as mine but very similar (the colour is the same)