Barclays are crooks. Again!!

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** This screenshot is from today's BBC.**
Yet another example of the bankers fixing the game in their favour and making the rest of us pay for it.
It's taken 10 years for them even to get this far along the road of being prosecuted. I wish I could afford their lawyer.
I've given up banks after they stole £4500 from me and closed my accounts with no reason or even anything in writing for me to argue with them. All i did was accept payment for some BTC from someone who ripped me off and they treated me like the crook not the victim.
Sooner crypto takes over, the sooner we can leave them with the useless paper money they conjure up from thin air.


The story says they may loose their license.
Don't make me laugh.
They haven't lost it over money laundering, libor scandal, fixing rates, ppi or anything else they've done.
It's an unregulated industry because they don't want the law getting in the way when they rob us.
Sorry, a self-regulating industry.
If you can't trust a banker with your money, who can you trust?
How about a shared ledger that can't be hacked because it works on pure maths? That'll never work will it?

Worst case penalty for this latest outrage is that they will eventually have to pay a fine?
Who pays it? The CEO?
Na, he'll still get a £10,000,000 bonus and the fine will be paid by the account holders.
I so hate banks.
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They have been stealing off the public for years. The 2008 economic meltdown was entirely their fault since they weren't regulated and they still aren't. I was out of work for 10 months because of them. They ban bitcoin purchases on credit cards yet let people online gamble and buy beer on credit. If you invest in bitcoin on a credit card it might loose 50 per cent but if you buy beer it's all gone! The whole thing is riddled with hypocrisy to the core

Just wait a bit longer and you will see my story "how six banks ripped me off in only six months"... I have no words now and if - it will be not nice to say it laud.