Corgi 474 Wall's Ice Cream Van on Ford Thames chassis. 1968 . Musical Movement inside.

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Corgi 474 Wall's Ice Cream Van on Ford Thames chassis.

Made in 1968 with musical movement inside.

I love this model. Turn the handle and it plays ~~ Ding ding, da "
There were complaints when it came out because many thought it should finish off with an additional "ding ding" and I have to say I agree, but in their infinite wisdom, Corgi withdrew production after only 146,000 were made in 1968 and produced the same model with no music at all! Spoilers!
Isn't she lovely?
It came with stickers which are already applied on mine when I got it and the instructions and music sheet (shold you want to impress your friends with your piano skills) was also included .
I think I'm going to be buried with this one.


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A wonderful machine

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