Tri-ang Spot On Gift Set. Austin 1800, Morris 1100, Ford Zepher and boat with trailer. 1950's

2년 전

This set is very rare and was made in Northern Ireland in the 50's before they sold up to Dinky who used many of the casts for their own models,
Its in mint condition, cant believe its 60+ years old in original box.
I've had all these toys locked in boxes out of the sunlight for 15 years and as much as i'd love to let my grandkids play with them, I feel I'm just the keeper of them, so it wouldn't be right.
I saw some program James May (of Top Gear fame) made a while ago and he bought an old Hornby train set then proceeded to crash it on his train track just like it was intended to be used when made.
As much as I'd love to play with these toys like the 5 year old they were intended for, I just can't do it.
I guess I should put them all on display but that would result in some damage so I guess these pics are the only way you can enjoy them for now.
Taking them out and taking the pictures is great, but this one is once again, going into a dark cupboard.
I know how Woody feels in the Toy Story films.
Anyway, check out the pics.
Isn't it a thing of beauty?


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