The Party!

2년 전

It looked like an ordinary day! I woke up, brushed my teeth, took a shower and did other things as I usually do in my morning routine.
Then I went to my brother's place as i often do, when I noticed something kinda strange far away in the backyard of his house, some unknown object.
Immediately I walked towards it and that was one hell of a surprise, the snails were making party! Haha at least I perceived it in that way.

As you can see three snails were hanging out and crossing over each other! I was amazed and next 15 minutes I spent watching them. Soon each one of them found their own direction and split.
And me? Well, I continued doing ordinary things, but with one huge difference I had a big smile on my face and awoken love for life and all living creatures.

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Great shot :) It's a bit late for a meaningful upvote, but for comment is never too old. Malo tu po Steemitu vježbam Engleski, zato ne pišem po domaću ... bar ne sve ... onako, pola -pola mi je ok.


Hehe hvala lijepa! =)

I really like your how are you expressing your refreshingly positive thoughts. At the end, big turn from micro life to your day was exquisite.


Thanks, I am glad you like it! =)

Wow, its really snails party time.


Yup! :D

Veliki pozdrav! Lepo je videti domaće ljude na platformi, da ne bude da baš svuda kaskamo. 🙂


Daaa, ima nas! Pozdrav!

Hi, thank a lot for your like, your post is very great.


Thank you!

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molluscs everywhere....haha...great


bdw loved reading this post