One day at a time .... or !!!!

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Do we stop, breathe, reflect?

How you live the day, or the day takes you.

That's right gentlemen, we wake up every day, and we get carried away by the hustle and bustle, run, husband, children, work, shopping, and anything that crosses us.

But we have a time of sigh, of tranquility.

This life takes us from career, to pushing.

But there comes a time to say, stop it, don't push me, let me breathe.

Today I stop to reflect, because in days gone by, a co-worker, in full enjoyment of his vacation, died.

The saddest thing of all, is that so many years of sacrifice, time, dedicated to the company, and the company did not stop its work, not one day out of respect for the family's duel, but this worker was an employee, manager, high trust.

Then we kill ourselves, by people, who are only for their own profit, then comes the reflection:

1. You have to be responsible in the work we do, but we cannot give away one more minute, not one less.

2. Our vacations must be sacred, of enjoyment, of rest.

3. We must share more time with our family, they are the temple, and must be respected as such, that is, sacred.

4. We must go out for lunch at home, with our children, not stay at work that take away our sigh of life.

5. You have to live, work is necessary to survive, but the most important thing is balance, to share, enjoy and dedicate personal time, everyone knows their hobbies, so do not sacrifice it for anyone, you have to invest more time in our persona. 

I give you this phrase “The average little man sometimes dreams of vacations and freedom. He always dreams of concluding the accounts, until one day the heart stops and goodbye. ” Pepe Mujica (this happened to my friend had a heart attack)

So to live longer, and enjoy every second, live in respect, love, peace, serenity

,The photo that I show you is of my friends and I, who decided months ago to meet once a month, at home, make cookies, cakes, drink coffee, chat for a a winewhile, and it is very gratifying !!!!

Thanks for reading, I hope this post is a grain of sand, to anyone who needs it.

I'm Raquel del V..

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