Listen, wait a minute ...

3년 전

Listen, wait a minute ...
Let me explain what the longing means.
The longing does not actually mean pain.
That was my belief before I met you.
Maybe you are not with me ...
But I have you in my soul that is wandering through the world
Close to my heart.
Your place is in my heart, beating like you felt when you got your hand, and after me.
My sense of longing is not sad
My feeling is love
My feeling is trust
My feeling is smile
When I miss you, I look at a flower,
All her beauty all the beauties of your heart, and my heart feels every reason I have come to love you.
Why did my heart fall in love with your heart. Longing is one of my two souls, mine and yours. That's how our souls communicate. My longing will be here as long as she wants it because I told you above, he does not leave when I want to.

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