BNP rally today in Sylhet Sylhet divisional assembly on Tuesday demanding release

4년 전

imageFor the success of the rally, central leaders have organized mass contact, publicity and procession in four district districts of Sylhet division. Local people including the Vice-Chairman of the party Mohammad Shahjahan were present at the public meeting in Sylhet city on Monday.

Sylhet Metropolitan BNP President Nasim Hossain said, as the chief guest in the rally this afternoon, the party's secretary general will speak. He said all preparations were made to make the rally successful.

During the public discussion in the city yesterday, Vice-Chairman Shahjahan said, "The spiritual capital of the country is the plenary of Sylhet Sylhet is the powerful stronghold of the BNP. While BNP was in power, the biggest development in the greater Sylhet division was achieved, which was no more in the government's regime. "He said," Divisional rally must be proved through all-round success. The greater Sylhet BNP's Durjoy Base. '

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