Life is a lot of trouble. And in the midst of this trouble I have lived through many hardships

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British-Bangladeshi artist and filmmaker Nayeem Mohaiman has been nominated for the prestigious Turner Award for British Art
He was born in Britain but grew up in Bangladesh.

Two of his installations or installations have been nominated for this award which will be displayed in London's famous Tate Britain Gallery.
Nayeem Mohaiman is now teaching at Columbia University in the United States.

From New York, he spoke on the telephone with Pulak Gupta of BBC Bangla, saying that he was nominated for the Turner Award, because of his feelings. image In a latest report, WHO said that the most polluted city is Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh state. The amount of floating particles in the vacuum is approximately 17 times more than the safe level.

Not behind the national capital of Delhi and its adjoining Faridabad, or the old city of Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi.

Scientists and environmentalists say the development and industrialization of these Indian cities has not been looked into by pollution control - and this is a major cause of massive pollution.

The list of the 20 most polluted cities in the world has been published by the World Health Organization, besides the cities of India, Kuwait, China and Mongolia also have some cities.

More than four thousand cities in the world have made the list 'Who' by analyzing regular measurements of floating dust in the air.

The town of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh is called the most polluted city, where a lawyer and environmental lawyer Ravi Sharma reportedly had so much of air pollution in their city.

"In our city, trees are very low, although according to a master plan, 16% of the land was kept for park or tree, but those lands have been sold or sold for other purposes, and this is being done to save the law. The land is being kept for greening, but as a government, Park has only one percent of the city's old city, "- I said Sharma

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