Miscreants set fire to the house of Lalmon Hossain, a college student of Jhalakathi, who lost one leg in RAB shootings.

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imageThe kitchen was burnt down in the fire. Limon's family alleged that the opposition had done the work due to the dispute over land. The suspect involved in the incident Firoz Hawladar (40) Rajapur Police Station arrested.

Limon's mother, Henoara Begum, complained that the land was being dispersed with Abdul Hai in the same area. Abdul Hai filed a case in the Additional District Magistrate Court of Jhalakathi on March 12. After the hearing of the case, the court judge gave the verdict on Limon's behalf on March 28 last. Recently, after getting the verdict of the court, they started construction of a house on half of their land. From that side the people of the opposition were interrupting work. The work of building one side walls and 9 pillars of the half-house is completed.

The people of the opposition broke down the walls and pillars on Saturday. They cut the pillar's rod and set fire to the kitchen. The kitchen burns in it. On seeing the fire, Limon's father Tofazzel Hossain and mother Hannahara Begum started screaming when the neighbors came and poured water and set out the fire.

On Sunday afternoon, on the afternoon of the incident, Limon's opponent of a house with polythene built in the building under construction. There are some elderly women staying in there. Limon's father Tofazzel Hossain alleged that Awami League leader Humayun Kabir was demanding Tk 50,000 from the party for building the building. On Saturday night, they set fire to the kitchen after donating them. When everyone was busy when the fire broke out, Humayun led the vandalized under the building in front of the house. During the incident, Limon was not in the village's house. He studied LLM courses at Kushtia Islamic University '

Limon's mother, Henoara Begum, said, "After the verdict in favor of the court, we had to build three percent of the land. The building's Rod plus Dia Kitta took the gang. Frozen bricks, sand and cement niaya. The wall of the side wall fired by the tehaiya tehaiya. Amago chanted the old house fire. When we called the fire, the people shouted, the people took the water from the water. I did not see the pyreita die in the fire. After the incident, Abdul Hai Saturia Union Awami League General Secretary Humayun Kabir, Ibrahim Hawladar, Ayub Ali Zameedder, Sekender Ali, Mahbub, Badshah, Jaila Ibrahim, Shahida, Sabina, Tuhin and 20-25 Amagos came to raid the place. Hira Amago raised a small house in the area. The police came to the police station. '

Rajapur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Shamsul Arefin said there was a tension between the two parties on the issue of land dispute. Police arrested one and arrested one in the morning. He said the matter was being investigated image

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