10 years in the forest due to wife !!

3년 전

I know about building a Taj Mahal for the wife. It has been heard of seas carriage. Occasionally, the wife is told to leave the house. But a UK citizen ran away unhappy in the pain of his wife for 10 years.

According to Daily Mail and ABSNews, only 3 years after marriage, Malcolm Applegate has made a living. After this, Malcolm's life was poisoned by his wife. He could not survive till he fled to the forest. He spent 10 whole years there.

Malcolm is now 62 years old Mali in the profession Recently, a story of life told to an organization named Imauj Greenwich in London. This organization provides shelter to those who are unthinkable.

Malcolm has not survived the family's family for 10 years. But suddenly 10 years later Malcolm called his sister. And sister did not believe in getting the phone, brother had survived. He is talking to his brother after many years.

Malcolm said that after the marriage, his wife did not want him to be out of the house. Even though he did more, his wife was angry. And his influence on me was increasing day by day. He went to the forest without seeing the remnant.

Malcolm likes to do the job well, Malcolm He said, I liked the job. I still love to park. Until my marriage, my life became increasingly uncertain. But after marriage, there was a lot of controversy about having a lot of work, including a lot of time, with the wife. We run away and run away....

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