Actions Speaks Louder Than Thought

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

Feeling so fly today after getting an herculean task done, with the excitement of fulfillment I decide to drop a piece, I will try to make it short as possible because I just want a quick read with the idea and message still intact and delivered successfully. Everyone wants to get the writers mind from a post no matter how short the post is; what's the essence of a blog or post when it is not delivering any message.


We are a product of our imaginations, we make our worlds by our creative imaginations, all we see today is a product of ones thought in the past. Things don't just happen, people makes it happen, the brain must be put to use to get the desired result. The mind is a powerful tool, how much we make use of our minds determines how much we get from it. No man is born genius I believe, genius are made by deliberately putting ones mind to use. Like a elastic material, the more we stretch our mind the more our minds can accommodates, a dead mind is one which is not being exercised in creative thinking. A wise man once said, if you can think it, you can achieve it, whatever our minds can conceive we can achieve, the mind is the powerhouse of a man, it gives energy and force to the man, it is the engine that propel him.


Thinking is good, but like the books of Solomon in the bible which talks about; an evil under the sun and vanity upon vanity, some people have put their minds to use, getting from it, the creative ideas or solutions needed in planet earth right now, but they end up, thinking and never acting, this is an evil under the sun and also vanity. Of what use is a thought when it cannot be put to action, of what importance is a propose solution when it cannot be executed? We must move from mere thinkers to actors, who put all our creative thought to practice.

There is a saying that; actions speaks louder than words, but in my own words I will say; actions speak louder than thought. The answer to our call today lies in the thought realm but can only be heard in the action realm. There are more wisdom in the grave, why add your to it,when you can make an impact here. Time is a respecter of persons, we cannot afford to waste more time thinking, when we can actually start acting.


Fear has never achieved a great feet, the fear of the word unknown has killed more dreams and lives than bullets. For weeks now, I have pondered about an idea that seams impossible, I tried letting if off, thinking it's not achievable, but the reality of it keeps burning in me, so I decided to give it a try and after two failed attempt I got the task done. The killer of dreams is fear, rather than letting go of that idea, take a step and act towards it, putting behind your mind the invention of light bulb, Edison never lighted the bulb until hundreds of attempts. The light is just a view away, take up you though and light up our world.

I'm @samiwhyte
The Propeller

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Edison never lighted the bulb until hundreds of attempts!
Action speaks louder than thought. I think there are so many people think they want to change their life or the world but never take any actions.

Actually most of them give up after few attempts.


Great to have you comment on my blog sir, it's a privilege...

If only we can all take action for our thought and keep learning from every failure, the world will be better today.

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The secret of life is having no fear!
People need to understand that no matter what the most powerful tool in the world is the human mind and having an idea doesn’t guarantee anything, execution is the game!


Yeah you are absolutely correct
Without execution every other thing is a waste
Thanks for reading through


Thanks to you too for sharing that great message to the world


You are highly welcome sir


Greatness ahead!

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