Dreams And Reality

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We live in a world that is made up of two forms like Plato postulated; the world of form and the word of ideas. This concept may be difficult to understand especially when the fellow is not a philosophical student or when the person is a bible or religion scholar. Another class of people that cannot relate with this concept is the naturalist, they believe every thing just move by revolution or the natural laws, but the truth of life is that there is a sphere that controls and influence this sphere, there is a location where planet Earth draws it energy from, this is the world of dreams, forms or ideas.


A wise man once said; if you can dream it, then you can achieve it, your dream is your creative power, dreams are made in a realm called the creative realm, it is a limitless realm, everything is achievable in this realm, it is the place where everything we see today was first made before it was formed here. The world you cannot dream about, you cannot leave in, today's world is a product of yesterdays dream. The reality we see today is a product of dreams once dream. Every invention is a product of dreams, every inventor is a dreamer, the ability to dream creatively and put form to their dream is what made the difference.


In this context, the word dream does not refer to flashes of pictures when we sleep, it refers to high level of thinking or what is referred to as ultrahigh thinking, it involve putting the mind to use. The problem of the world today is that we all have brains but not all of us are thinking, in us is a brain that can change mankind and planet Earth at large. There is a popular saying; the day you stop thinking is the day you stop living. The day you stop thinking is the day you stop adding value to the world, if you are not adding value, you are more useless than a dead man, because you still consume resources and that makes you a liability to the world.

To enjoy a better life and a better future for the earth and man, deliberately involve you brain in thinking creatively, always add value to the world by bringing your thought or ideas into reality and together we can make the world a better place.

I'm @samiwhyte
The Propeller.

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Well put together @samiwhyte very deep


Thanks for reading through and for dropping your comment

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