It Can Only Get Better; Better Days Ahead In Life A on The Steem Blockchain

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

Life and things don't always go as planned, most times the outcome is far lesser than the expectations, this result to disappointment. This kills passion and causes many to source for alternatives. There is always light at the end of the tunnel but not many can see the light with their foresight, lack of foresight leads to the conclusion that there is no exist or end to the tunnel.

Things don't always end the way they started, like the biblical verse; The end of a thing is better than the beginning thereof. The success of life is basically not measured by where you started from but where/what you have attain irrespective of your beginning. Like Dr Isaiah Micheal Wealth will say, understanding built a man of consistent character. The reason we fail most time is because of our inconsistency and this can be traced to our lack of understand of life and things happening around us. If you understand where you are, where you ought to be and where you are going to, you will not know what to do per time and therefore inconsistency will step in.


The reason for this post is basically about low earners on the steem blockchain, thou this can be applicable to other areas of life. I have seen new users struggle to remain active on the steem blockchain, the earnings aren't encouraging they say. The truth be told, this is discouraging and heart broking most times when you see the energy being put into making these blogs to ensure it is at least quality enough to get the votes. I have been there before when you spend so much to promote steemit, get new users registered but end up getting little or no vote to help offset the bills, thou I wasn't profit oriented project the cost and energy put in compare to the returns discourages one to continue.


Like the topic says, it can only get better, I have come to understand that consistency pays at last, it only takes foresight and understanding to get there. Quitters never wins and winners never quit is a popular world which is very true, you can never hit the trending page if you quit rather your consistency will pay off some day. The truth be told, you are in the least level you can ever be, if you are on $0.00 payout after the seven (7) days waiting period, then you can never do leaser rather better as long as you keep putting effort and do the right thing. I believe soon steem will pick up and more rewards on upvote, soon SMT and community features will surface and you have your rewards for efforts on steemit

Rather than quitting, have foresight on the future, build your knowledge base that will feed your understanding and help build your consistency.

I'm @samiwhyte

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Amazing, thanks a lot bro. I needed this and you gave it to me at the right time.
Thanks once again

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