Just Add You To The World And It Will Be A Better Place

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

There are different people on earth today, there is the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Everyone has his or her peculiarity, its uniqueness and what defines them, this is their true identity and should be what they are known for.

If we have just one kind of individuals all over the world, then existence and life as a whole will be uninteresting, the unique nature of individuals is what makes life and interaction interesting, the fact that you can find complement or someone that complement you out there make life complete.

Man was created or formed to always strive to be better and achieve a feet. No man whats to be numbered amongst the masses. We want to get affluence and become influential in our sphere, this drives us to study those ahead of us or those who have achieve the desired feet.

This drive for success has made many loose their originality, the true definition of who they are. We have people who have left self to live like others, people who have refuse to believe in themselves and dig dip into their uniqueness and bring out hidden potentials.


Most of the world discoveries, inventions and miles achieved were made by men who weren't satisfied by what was done already, men who appreciated the success of others and decided to drive beyond what others have done or achieved. These are men who looked dip into their uniqueness and decided to add their own unique touch to planet earth. Men who decided to be different ni following status quo, men who decided to take a new path irrespective of what others think.

There Is No Better You Than You

You cannot live another mans life better than him, a clone live it whole life trying to be another*, which can never be 100%, you cannot be a copy and be better than the original, you will only end up a substitute, there is more to life than being a copy. You cannot invent what already exist, you cannot discover what is already known, you have to bring in the missing element which is you.

The World Is Waiting For You

The problem and wants of mankind is numerous and daily the world cries for a messiah who will deliver the people. We dont need a Moses to part the red sea neither do we need a Jesus to die on the cross, we just need you to add you to the world. The impact you seek to make is not in another man but in your inner man, listen to the voice within and make a lasting impact on planet earth.

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