My Word To May

3년 전

Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

Every new phase comes with a new target and goals, it's a new month with new responsibility, goals and achievements. It's error to do the same thing we did in previous months now and expect a result that is different from the one obtained before. If we must get successful henceforth we must do that which we didn't do before or that which we didn't do well before.


The bell of May comes with a remainder that almost half of the year is going down. How fast has the clock tick, imagine how soon we have gotten to the fifth (5th) month of the year 2018. It is therefore wise to evaluate our success and failures so far, so we can make necessary adjustments for the new month which offers a new opportunity. Yeah it true opportunity lost cannot be regain, but new opportunities can be tapped into, to compensate for the lost one and time. There are new possibilities out there, it just requires a stepping out, it involve navigation and location, i.e navigating and locating these opportunities.

To achieve much in a season like this, one needs to set goals and targets, giving everyday a responsibility and an expected result. You cannot live everyday as it comes, there must be a plan and appraiser system to check the productivity level of each day. Daily goals and achievements brings about weekly, monthly, yearly or overall goals. Rome wasn't built in a day, it was daily achievement that brought about a century success. Every great accomplishment we see today is a product of daily success, we never arrive at success once, we hit it bit by bit and eventually we get to our destination.


There is a saying that actions speak louder than words, your actions tells if you have a destination.

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, show me your actions and I will tell you your destination.

You are a product of you thought pattern, like the saying; as a man thinkth in his heart, so is he. What dominate your thought you display and your displayed action tells us who you are. If you've not achieve much success this year, you must change your thought pattern toward success, you must learn to think before you act and guild your actions inline with established goals and actions.

I'm @samiwhyte
The Propeller.

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Good one at samiwhyte
I am gonna set goals his month so i can acheive more this

My word to may: Hello may, get prepared cause we'll be attaining greater heights together and besides, I'll be a year older on the 18th....... Save me your best wishes


Happy Birthday in advance dear, I will also be a year older on the 16th😁

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