Never Settle For The Less; Strive To Make A Difference

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

Life is full of actions and activities, we all have goals and targets before us, some are personal goal while others are external or imposed. In any angle we view it, there is always a mouse running from the cat or a dog cracking a bone. We want the right the done but sometimes we are not patient enough to see it through. We want the joint tight and locked, but we cant hit the nail harder so it goes deeper and stock the pieces together.


Settling for the less or for what is call normal doesn't make one outstanding, it is the extra sacrifice to get it done the best way it can be done that makes one a success and an outstanding personnel. There is a popular saying; you don't do the same thing over and over again with an expectation of different result. You cannot do the usual and be unusual, settling for the usual makes you no different from every other person out there.

We are all created and meant to be on top, but not everyone can get there, you must deliberately decide to be there. For me, the first step to success is make a decision to success, you must be willing to go through fire and don't get burn (consumed), you must be willing to take the scar, with your focus or gaze at the prize.Every achievement comes with a prize, every prize come with pleasure (self fulfillment...). The reason why life seems boring to many is because they have never tasted success or achieve a milestone, this is also the reason why many seems not interested in planet earth again. When there is not to live for any longer, life becomes boring by the day.


A champion only emerge when the battle is won, you don't quit when your opponent is weak, you quit when the battle is over either be defeating your opponent of by his surrender to you. You have to approach life with this mentality, it either you do the required or you do the require. Success is never achieved by how much distance behind are your opponent, it is achieved by fast the cross the finish line. You must strive to break and set records, never settle for the less, aim for the best and never give up until you hit it.

I'm @samiwhyte
The Propeller

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This is good one @samiwhyte
we should never settle for anything less


Yeah you are right
We settle for the best

Wantedto share this since its kind of refrence to your post i love motivational qoutes


Thanks for sharing, i am motivated by your quote

I like this last phrase of yours.

You must strive to break and set records, never settle for the less, aim for the best and never give up until you hit it.

With this i choose to renew my mind and purpose to aim higher in all my daily endeavours and to never settle for less. The sky being the limit

Thanks for sharing @samiwhyte


Thanks for dropping by bro
Hope you are good
Will love to chat you on discord

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