Success Is A Measure Of How Much We Give

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

We live in a beautiful world where every one is striving towards one thing or the other. The advancement towards it is what we call prosperity while the achievement of it is what we refer to as success. Everyone seems to be on the run, with a bid to make success just to get that feeling of fulfillment.


Many have mistaken possession for success, they view success base on home much one has in is possession. I have come to understand that richest mem aren't the greatest men, wealth is good but success goes beyond accumulation of wealth.

Life is all about impacting people, a successful man a man who has attain a set height at the same time impacted others. The number of lives touched shows the level of success attained. What is the essence of wealth or success when its not touching lives, true success is in touching lives.


To position yourself to live a successful life, you must learn to be a giver than a receiver. You must desire to give more than to receive, no one cares how much you have but how much you give, even the bible says that God loves a cheerful give.

The reason we have many people living below average standard of living is because those that have both recourses and power has refuse to give to other, so the world will remain sphere to all. The world was framed through love and must be sustained by the same love. We must keep the world going round by giving freely as we have received.


The steem blockchain is an avenue to show love, it is a blockchain full of love. Funny enough, many still don't show this love here, it cost nothing to love here, just voting power which replenishes in little or no time. It also benefit as well when we vote/show love because we gain curation rewards. The human greedy nature has made many embark on self votes while others have tonnes of SP laying idle in the account, rather than leave it idle, why not delegate to others or join curation trails to make this love go round even while we sleep.

I believe in giving and there lies my definition of success, if we have more givers than receivers the world will be better and we will all attain success in our different ways.

I'm @samiwhyte
The Propeller.

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