When The Clock Suddenly Refuse To Tick

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

Life is sweet when everything is good and going, when the plans are unfolding according to script. We all want to see our dreams come through, we want to set targets and hit it, we want to paint a picture before us and then live in it. But most times, it doesn't turn out as planned.


Time is an important breed in the farm of life, it determines our pace; the lesser the time use in achieving a result the faster we are. Time is a determining factor in life, it doesn't wait for no man, no matter how genuine your reasons are. So we have no option to move, run or even fly with the tick of time. The consciousness of time sometime drives us off our comfort zone, time is limited and spent time can never be regain. You can never get the time wasted again, you cant go back in time where reality is in play.

Most times time seems faster than we think, to us we've just spent some few minutes but to time we have eat up some terrible large hour, we wonder if someone has just turned the clock hand in the forward direction, we try to recount our ordeal within the time frame, but cant place our hands on any, so we accept the time like that and move maybe with more consciousness and haste to beat up spent time.

There are cases where we want the time to move, or where we thought the time has moved, only to realize the time has been ticking but not moving; I am not talking about the times when batteries are dead and clock malfunctioning, i am talking about the times when the clock is moving with the same pace to others but slow to us. This happen most time when we are in tight situations, times when we want to change the cause of things, times when the outcome is not the expected or times where expectation is higher than what is being experience. At this point we want the time to zoom so we could just have a new phase to breath in new air.


We can never change the pace of time, but we can make time more productive, we can cause a change to time by using effectively those times when time seems not to be moving. Rather than waiting for the time to move faster, getting busy in productive things or activities will cause the time to move faster. Most results by successful men has happened in times like this, rather than watching the time tick when it seems so slow, get into activities, make the time count and get more results.

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Morning motivation. Nice one @samiwhyte. Thanks


You are welcome
I think I will be more regular with this

That's a good one... Thanks for sharing


I appreciate you time
Thanks for dropping by


You're welcome

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