...Prison is Business

4년 전

In prison you have lots of energy that is built up
Love or hate it, one way or the other this potential has to be explored
We would have thought its a rehab institute
Until "John" came back worst than he went in
This place is not here you would want to live
This is what i do not want fall back into
Tired of seeing the same people everyday
Staring into my eyes like owl
Hope gave me strength and courage made me fight
To Build my future one block at a time
There is evidence crystal enough to testament the pains and boredom of the prison life.
Been confined not to explore your core.
This is not what we were designed for
The institution that is meant to rehabilitate instead handicap its inhabitants
Been caved in day in day out
Patterned to a particular routine can make you insane
Everyday someone is plotting for their vulnerability
Wait a minute! What's wrong with me?
... Started doing some research and then i realised
That prison is business
In prison other would literally bet on your vulnerabilities
You either become an employer or the employee
The bad thing about been in prison is what the system do not make the mistake you make disappear
The system makes you disappear to feed their ego
Those scars has motivated me in a different
An an energised inmate i had to go to the gym to unleash my greatness.
At the gym i knew i could best the system
Its human nature to compete
But this time am not competing with anyone
Like the game of boxing am fighting for my life
To unleash the genius tied to my loins
In prison you have lot of energy tied up
For one way or the other you
have to unleash it
You've got to meet your fears and conquer
Come on to the gym man and show us what you've got
You may not win at the first shot but you would sweat
Sweat it and walk through the fire till you perfect the game
Take one step at a time
Take one block at a time
Build the future you would not regret

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